Dr Oz: Sanjay Gupta Resistant Super Bug, Cholesterol & More


Dr Oz: Dr Sanjay Gupta + Deadly Super Bug

Dr Oz welcomed Dr Sanjay Gupta to his show to clear up the confusion surrounding various health headlines. Dr Oz wanted to talk about super bugs first, saying the reports are that it’s a nightmare bacteria killing people in California. A deadly new family of super bugs is spreading around the country, capable of killing up to half of the people who become infected with it. Seven patients have been diagnosed at UCLA Medical Center and two of them are now dead.

Dr Oz: Sanjay Gupta Resistant Super Bug, Cholesterol & More

Dr. Oz talked to Dr. Sanjay Gupta about health headlines, including the risks from antibiotic resistant super bugs. (Julien Tromeur / Shutterstock.com)


More than 70 patients have been exposed to the super bug and now the same super bug has also killed at least two patients in North Carolina. The cause of the UCLA outbreak is a type of endoscope threaded through the mouth, throat, and stomach into the small intestine. There is now concern not only about the use of the endoscopes, but about antibiotic resistant super bugs in general.

Dr Oz: Resistant Bacteria From Endoscopes

Dr Gupta explained that the average person doesn’t really need to be worried about it. He said around 500,000 of the procedures are done every year and only dozens have been affected. Dr Gupta said we have bacteria that we used to be able to kill very easily, that we can no longer kill. He said it’s society that’s doing it because every time we are prescribed antibiotics that we don’t truly need or don’t take them to their full course, it becomes a problem.

He said 10 years from now, the idea of running out of antibiotics to treat conditions is a real concern. Dr Oz said some countries say the antibiotic resistance is a bigger threat than terrorism.


Dr Oz: How Super Bugs Spread

Dr Oz explained that everyone has good and bad bacteria. If you get antibiotics, you kill the good bacteria, but leave behind the bad resistant bacteria. Then they multiply and take over, overwhelming the good bacteria and contaminating them. Dr Oz explained that it’s especially a problem if you’re not diposing of bodily fluids correctly.

Dr Gupta explained that the endoscopes are $30,000 pieces of equipment and he was curious as to how they are cleaned. He showed a video of them cleaning one, showing that they’re using a cheap toothbrush to clean it, including the end of the scope that has a mechanism that can be very difficult to get behind.

Dr Oz: 10 Minutes Of Exercise

Dr Oz then wanted to talk about news that just 10 minutes of exercise twice a week can lower a woman’s heart attack risk. Dr Gupta said over a million women were studied and they were trying to figure out the sweet spot for exercise, showing that more is not necessarily always better.

The women who performed strenuous exercise just a few times a week seemed to have the most benefit of anyone in terms of having a heart problem later in life. People who exercised more than that had risks that actually went up. Housework and gardening are considered moderate activity and if you do things like that four times a week, you also got the significant benefit in terms of lowering heart disease. Again, the benefit is more than for those performing strenuous activity every day.

Dr Oz: Truth About Cholesterol

Dr Oz shared that there’s also more news about food and exercise. One finding says you don’t have to worry as much about cholesterol from your food. For example, a lot of people would eat only egg whites to avoid cholesterol in the yolks, but with the new guidelines, they can enjoy the yolks as well.

Dr Gupta said dietary cholesterol being of a negative concern is now old-fashioned thinking. He said the American Heart Association has said this for years. He said about 85% of our cholesterol actually comes from our bodies themselves, not our food.

However, the new rules also say that no more than 10% of your calories should come from sugar, which means no more than 12 teaspoons of sugar per day. Dr Gupta said sugar is everywhere, including in foods that you wouldn’t think it would be in. He said a lot of products over years became low-fat but added sugar, resulting in a lot of cardiac disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Dr Oz: Benefits Of Coffee

Lastly, the advisory panel gave a thumbs up to coffee. The old recommendation didn’t mention coffee at all, whereas the new recommendations say you can have up to five cups a day. That’s very good news for us coffee drinkers!

Dr Gupta said coffee wasn’t really talked about, but whether it’s the caffeine or antioxidants, 3-5 cups can be beneficial. Obviously you don’t have to drink 5 cups, but if you want to, go for it!

Dr Oz: Measles & Vaccine Questions Answered

Dr Oz then turned to his audience, who had questions about vaccines. One woman wanted to know how safe the measles vaccine is in terms of autism risks. Dr Gupta said there’s about a one in a million chance of having a severe adverse reaction to the vaccine. In regards to autism, we still don’t know what causes it, but it’s known that vaccines do not.

Another woman wanted to know how serious measles was. Dr Gupta said in the year 2000 measles was virtually eliminated, but now those who get it have a slight chance of developing serious problems from it. The likelihood of death is low, but it can be a terrible virus.

Finally, one woman wanted to know how long you’re protected from measles once you get the vaccine. Dr Gupta said it can start to diminish over time as you get into your 30s and 40s, if you got it as an infant. If you’re traveling to a country where measles is spreading or if the virus comes to a place near you, he suggested getting a test to find out how protected you really are to see if you need a booster shot.


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