Dr Oz: Who’s At Risk For Measles + Tips To Look Years Younger


Dr Oz: Measles Outbreak + Why Get Vaccinated

Dr Oz said a lot of people have been asking him about the measles outbreak and he wanted to address the concerns and encourage parents to get re-vaccinated and vaccinate their kids. He explained that measles is one of the most contagious viruses know and in an unvaccinated population, it only takes one person with the measles to infect up to 18 people. Just one dose of the measles vaccine gives up to 93% prevention of the virus.

Dr Oz: Who's At Risk For Measles + Tips To Look Years Younger

Dr Oz explained who’s most at risk for the measles virus. (Lalephat Aksornkovit / Shutterstock.com)


Many moms believe their kids have had severe complications from vaccines. He said he has spoken to the National Institutes of Health, the CDC, and Autism Speaks, who all agree that vaccines do not cause autism.

Dr Oz: Who’s At Risk For Measles

Dr Oz then explained that if you’re born before 1957, you’re considered immune because more than likely you were exposed to the measles back then. If you were born in 1957 or later and you’re not vaccinated, it wore off, or you’re at high risk, you should talk to your doctor about getting the measles vaccine.

Dr Oz shared that there’s a group of people who at high risk for measles, and those people include students who at 18 or older, healthcare workers, international travelers, or those who come into contact with babies. Everyone else is considered low risk and you shouldn’t have to worry about it as much.


Dr Oz: Defy Your Age

Dr Oz then switched gears to explain that he was going to introduce women who have defied their age without going under the knife, saying their true ages will shock you. They will also reveal their secrets for looking years younger.

He showed a picture of a woman named Cindy, asking the audience to guess her age. About 48% of the audience thought Cindy was 36 years old, while quite a few thought she was 46. Cindy joined Dr Oz and shared she was 56 years old. She said people have a hard time trying to figure out her age, especially when she shares how old her kids are, who are 34, 30, and 21 years old.

Dr Oz: Moisturizer + Eye Cream With Antioxidants

Cindy shared that when she was 40 she met a woman from the Philippines who said as soon as you step out of the shower, pat your skin, and then massage moisturizer into your skin all over your body from the shoulders down. In the Philippines they don’t have cellulite, she said, so maybe this is the trick for that. Dr Oz said his wife does this as well.

Cindy likes to use an eye cream with antioxidants, saying she calls it a miracle. She said she uses it on her forehead as well as all around her eyes.

Dr Oz: Tricks To Look Years Younger

Dr Oz then shared a picture of Mimi, and about 52% of the audience guessed that she was 66 years old. Mimi joined Dr Oz and said she was 76 years young and loves it. She said her mom lived to be 95 and she thinks it’s the spirit because when you feel young, you look young.

Mimi then shared that on a regular basis she juices, saying she’s addicted to kale. To start her day she likes to make a juice out of celery, cucumber, apple, kale, ginger, and turmeric.

Dr Oz: Making Your Own Nut Cheese

Mimi then shared that she makes nut cheese out of cashews or macadamia nuts. She puts the soaked nuts into a blender, adds probiotics to let them ferment, blends them with water, and then lets them sit in a cheesecloth overnight to ferment. The next day she mixes it with whatever herbs she wants before refrigerating until it turns hard. Mimi also loves fresh vegetables, coconut oil, and fresh berries. She said she nourishes her cells.

Dr Oz: Feeling Older Than You Really Are

Dr Oz had one more picture to share, asking people to guess how old they thought Jodie was. The audience guessed correctly that she was 42 years old, but Jodie said she feels like she looks and feels much older than that.

Dr Oz was going to help Jodie with some simple tricks that would take 10 years off her face and body. New York’s Nunzio Saviano Salon welcomed Jodie to turn back the hands of time. The professionals at the salon explained that having shorter hair actually adds body to the face, making her look younger. Bangs are also a great alternative to injections, because they hide wrinkles.

Dr Oz: Age Defying Beauty Tops

They then used highlights to brighten Jodie’s skin tone and explained that contouring the face with makeup can mimic a facelift. The secret to covering up puffy under-eye bags is to gradiate your coverup. Apply a concentrate concealer to the inner corners of the eyes and then gently blend it out.

As for wardrobe, monochromatic clothing flatters and elongates the body. Jodie looked absolutely beautiful and certainly years younger!


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