The Drs: Samoa Air Charges by Weight & Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria


The Doctors: Samoa Air Charges by Weight

Samoa Air has become the first airline in the world to charge passengers according to their weight. The heavier the person is, the more they have to pay for a ticket. They keep track of the weight and make sure no one is lying by having the person enter their weight when they book the flight and then reweighing the person at the airport.

The airline has stated they are doing this because they need to watch the weight of the plane and because it is the only way to save the airline from going bankrupt. Dr. Andrew Ordon pointed out that obesity is a huge problem in Samoa but Dr. Travis Stork said it doesn’t matter. He saw it as being discriminatory against a certain weight and he felt that was the same as discrimination based on race.


What do you think about the change? Are they discriminating against people or do you think charging by weight is a good idea?

The Drs: Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Found In LA

Another super bug has landed in America and health officials are calling this super bug a nightmare bug. It has been spreading through hospitals like wildfire, reaching 42 states in very short amount of time. While most doctors are not saying this is something to be on high alert about, they do say it is something to be cautious about. This antibiotic resistant bacteria has a high mortality rate when it infects someone who is already sick.


The Drs: Samoa Air Charges by Weight & Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

The Doctors looked at the new policy of Samoa Air to start charging for tickets by weight and they looked at a new antibiotic resistant bacteria.

The Doctors said this super bug has developed because of doctors not being cautious when giving out antibiotics. While the doctors all agreed anyone who is healthy has no need to worry, they pointed out that the bug is mutating in different hospitals around the country and anyone sick in a hospital should be cautious of the bacteria.

The Doctors: Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Due To Overprescribed Antibiotics

The Doctors said the mutation and evolution of this bacteria is due mostly to doctors who are overprescribing antibiotics. They all agreed that doctors around the country need to be more vigilant when they are prescribing antibiotics and hospital staff need to more cautious about the spread of bacteria in a hospital.

Dr. Travis Stork pointed out that doctors prescribed over 12,000 antibiotics to people with an upper respiratory infection just to treat one case of pneumonia.

The Drs: Pharmaceutical Companies Need To Make New Drugs

The other thing The Doctors say needs to happen is that the drug companies need to have some kind of incentive to make new drugs for diseases that are not super prevalent. They all agreed they have been giving out the same drugs since medical school, which is not a good sign. When the drug companies do not want to make new drugs because there isn’t enough money in that disease, it is something that needs to change.


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