The Doctors: Effects of Soda on the Brain & Common Healthy Food Cures


The Doctors June 14 2013 Recap

The Doctors are kicking off summer with an episode all about improving your diet. During their  June 14 2013 episode, The Doctors shared the best foods to fight pain, depression and disease. They also looked at how food and soda affects the human brain as well as some excellent food cures.

The Doctors: Glucose Vs. Fructose & Does Soda Affect The Brain?

The Doctors: Effects of Soda on the Brain & Common Healthy Food Cures

The Doctors June 14 2013 looked at the best food cures, explained the difference between fructose and glucose and went over the effects of soda on the brain.


Do you know how soda affects your brain? Dr. Travis Stork shared the not so surprising negative effects and the super surprising positive effects soda has on our brains. He also went over the potential link between soda drinkers ad depression and he explained the difference between glucose and fructose.

The Doctors: Effects Of Soda On The Brain & Glucose Vs. Fructose

The Doctors: Food Cures & Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal Review

Liz Vaccariello is back on The Doctors and this time she is stopping by to discuss her book, Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal. She went over the common food cures that can cure health problems like cold sores, bruises, sinusitis and more.


The Doctors: “Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal” Review & Food Cures 

The Doctors: The Happiness Diet Review & Foods to Fight Depression

Dr. Drew Ramsey, author of The Happiness Dietstopped by The Doctors to share his top five foods to fight depression, boost mood and improve energy. Dr. Rasey also shared the most harmful foods to our health. Finally, Dr. Andrew Ordon shared his number one food for improving skin while Dr. Lisa Masterson shared a cure for PMS.

The Doctors: Foods To Fight Depression & “The Happiness Diet” Review


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