Drs: Beans, Lentils, & Peas To Lose Weight + Beyonce Hair Secret

The Doctors: Dr Travis Stork’s First Facial & Birthday

Previously, Dr Travis Stork admitted that he didn’t like facials and in eight years of the show, he never had one. That was about to change! He went to see Dr Sonia Batra for his first facial. Dr Batra took him through some skin treatments before applying a gold mask and cucumbers over his eyes. Dr Stork joked that he felt like royalty and wanted to start getting manicures and pedicures now too. He looked in the mirror and laughed, saying that he looked like a young 44-year-old. Dr Batra admitted that he had some white heads likely caused by the stage makeup, and suggested exfoliation and an anti-aging regimen. Of course, sunscreen is always necessary!

The Doctors then surprised Dr Stork with a basketball cake and brownies for his birthday!

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