The Doctors: Newspaper Nails & Milk Gelatin Blackhead Remedy


The Doctors: Jenna Hipp DIY Manicure & Pedicure

Manicurist to the stars, Jenna Hipp, whose clients include Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson and Fergie, gave the Doctors crew DIY manicures and pedicures, which included Jenna Hipp’s newspaper nails. Caring for your fingers and your feet is important, but can cost a lot. Jenna Hipp has some tips for how to provide yourself that care with things just around the house.

Toothpaste Yellow Nail Remedy

You can cure your yellow nails easily with just some toothpaste. It can be applied easily with a toothbrush. Remember to make sure it’s just the yellowing of the nails and not a fungal infect, though. That would require a different solution.


DIY blackhead cure

The Doctors shows you how to cure yourself of blackheads at home with Michelle Phan.

The Doctors: Sandpaper Banana Cracked Heel Remedy

For cracked heels you can just sand those down with some sandpaper and then cover it in mashed up banana pulp for 10 to 15 minutes.

The Doctors: Newspaper Nails by Jenna Hipp

On the manicure end of things, the popular thing today is nail art. That’s making things even pricier. But Jenna Hipp and The Doctors have a solution: Jenna Hipp’s newspaper nails. Just take pieces of the newpaper, dip them in rubbing alcohol and apply them to your nails. It will imprint the newspaper onto your nails.


The Doctors: Milk Gelatin Blackhead Remedy by Michelle Phan

Blackheads are always unattractive and we mostly get them on our noses. The Doctors provided a few solutions, but the easiest and most interesting was youtube star Michelle Phan’s DIY blackhead cure. Her recipe was one tablespoon milk and one tablespoon unflavored gelatin. Mix them together and put them in the microwave for 10 seconds. Let it cool and apply it to your nose with a brush. Once it’s dry you can rip it off and it will take the blackheads with it.

This is a DIY version of the strips you can buy to rip out blackheads. You can take one of those paths or go to a dermatologist, but it’s important not to pick at your blackheads. You could damage your skin or get an infection.


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