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The Doctors NYC: Instant Energy Boost

From outside the New York Stock Exchange, a New York City resident said she felt she is always on the go. For this NYC edition of The Doctors, she wanted advice from the team on how to get an Instant Energy Boost. Also get Natural Stress Remedies, PMS advice, and what to do about toddlers who won’t sleep through the night.

The Doctors: Laughter Instant Energy Boost

Laughter Energy Boost: The Doctors

Are you stressed? Do you need a pick me up? Did you know that the natural Laughter Energy Boost is also a stress remedy? Learn the best time of day to work out & PMS tricks for men.


“One of the fastest and easiest things you can do, believe it or not, is to just laugh,” Dr Travis Stork said. “Every time you laugh, your brain releases Endorphins…. They help you feel awake, relaxed, and energized.” They’re also good for fighting Heart Disease, Depression, and fueling your immune system. That’s easy.

The Drs TV: PMS Hormones

OB/GYN Dr Lisa Masterson met a man in NYC who wanted to know what men can do when the women in their lives are fighting PMS symptoms. She said that cyclical hormonal fluctuations can lead to emotional side effects.

As they rode around in a horse-drawn carriage, Dr Lisa recommended birth control pills containing hormonal balancers. It’s also advisable for women to limit consumption of caffeine and alcohol when attempting to reign in PMS symptoms.


But Dr Lisa said that uncontrollable symptoms should be checked out, because they could be suggesting anemia, a thyroid imbalance, or other health issues. She said that helping out where you can and giving some extra love can really make a difference.

The Doctors: Breastfeeding and Weaning

Dr Jim Sears talked about Breastfeeding Vs Formula. But another mom had a question about weaning at nighttime. Her one-year-old isn’t sleeping as well as she and her husband would like, and she’s worn out from overnight feedings. But she’s not ready to stop breastfeeding altogether.

One option is to give a child extra evening feedings to keep them full. Dr Jim said that weaning at night can actually help your child sleep through to the morning. Letting him or her attach to a blanket or stuffed animal can also be helpful.

The Drs TV: How To Cure Jet Lag

A Swedish tourist is struggling with jet lag and NYC’s six-hour time difference compared to his homeland. Dr Andrew Ordon said that Jet Lag will get better, and avoiding alcohol on the plane can help. In fact, drinking a liter of water for every six hours you spent in flight can help you reduce Jet Lag symptoms. Forcing yourself to acclimate to the local time zone will help you adjust faster.

The Doctors: Toddler Won’t Sleep Through The Night

More parents had questions for Dr Jim Sears. Who wouldn’t take free medical advice? Though half of all babies will sleep the full night by age one, a mother said her three-year-old and a friend’s two-year-old still aren’t sleeping through the night. The parents are struggling to find solutions that will work.

Dr Jim said that diet is important, even at breakfast. Sugar keeps kids wired all day long. Removing any incentive, such as feeding, could teach children not to wake up so often. But he said that eventually, your child will learn to sleep through the night.

The Drs: Best Time Of Day To Work Out

A fitness class wanted to know the best time of day to work out. Dr Travis Stork said that “when you have time” is the best time, because you have to make it fit into your schedule. An early morning workout gets it out of the way. But “your body’s natural temperature is lowest in the morning,” while muscle strength hits its peak by late afternoon. It’s all about what works for your body and routine.

The Doctors: Laughter & Natural Stress Remedies

Dr Andrew Ordon said that getting enough sleep is key to managing stress. “Try not to do too much,” he said, advising against multitasking. Other tips include laughing (again; it must really be good), walking, and even chewing gum. Even hugging for 20 seconds can bring down Blood Pressure and Cortisol.

He also prescribed Green Tea for stress, so there are a lot of options to try for this common issue. Dr Travis Stork said that Deep Breathing is another proven stress busting technique.


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