Coffee Grounds Cellulite Remedy, Sunscreen Shot Glass & Hydroquinone


The Doctors: New York City

From coast to coast, viewers of The Doctors have questions for the show’s team. That’s why they packed up and visited New York City to take questions one on one from viewers, fans, and people on the street. See what they had to say about Ketchup Vs Mustard Calories, the Sunscreen Shot Glass rule, Hydroquinone and the Coffee Grounds Cellulite Remedy.

But this isn’t the first time the team has done this. In a previous New York City episode, the team took photos with fans and compared workout regimens with FDNY firefighters. Dr Lisa Masterson trained with the pint-sized cast of the musical Billy Elliott.


The team also took questions about hot flashes, children’s ailments, and much more. They visited one of the Real Housewives and Rachael Ray, worked out in Central Park, and generally had a good time in the Big Apple.

Coffee Grounds Cellulite Remedy: The Drs

In New York City, The Doctors shared a Coffee Grounds Cellulite Remedy and compared Ketchup Vs Mustard Calories.

Here are some quick facts Dr Travis Stork mentioned about New York City:

  • 8 million people
  • 10,000 taxis
  • 840 miles of subway
  • 29,000 acres of parks
  • Surrounded by water

The Drs TV: Coffee Grounds Cellulite Remedy

There are many ways to see the city. One of them is the Circle Line boat tour, which is where Dr Andrew Ordon took viewers’ beauty questions. First up, a woman asked about Cellulite, which has gone down with weight loss but are still visible.

One cellulite suggestion is to massage the affected area with brewed coffee grounds to temporarily address the appearance. Dr Ordon said that some bodies are hard wired to retain fat in specific areas. If diet and exercise aren’t getting the best results, Liposuction may be a permanent solution.

The Doctors: Is Botox Safe?

Another woman said she is afraid of getting Botox treatment. She asked Dr Ordon about its long-term effects. By 2010, patients received 5.4 million Botox procedures. Dr Andrew Ordon said that Botox is an isolated protein to block muscle movement, and he said that it’s safe, showing off his own results.

The Drs TV: Hydroquinone Acne Scar Remedy

Next, a woman wanted to know what she can do about her acne scars. (Stop picking them, first of all.) Dr Andrew Ordon recommended Hydroquinone Cream, a bleaching treatment that can get results over time with continued treatment. But you should always consult your doctor or dermatologist before doing a skin bleaching process.

The Doctors: Sunscreen Shot Glass

Dr Andrew Ordon advised another woman to apply a shot glass serving of sunscreen to her skin before going out each day. “Put it on 20 minutes before you’re out in the sun,” he said, making sure to hit the forehead, ears, feet, neck, and shoulders, which are often overlooked. “It’s the sun damage you get…when you’re young that may come back in the form of skin cancer later,” he said.

Dr Travis Stork noted that “the ears are the third most common site for Basal Cell Carcinoma,” a form of skin cancer.

The Drs TV: Children’s Dietary Supplements

Pediatrician Dr Jim Sears headed to the park to address children’s dietary concerns. One mom wanted to know whether her child should be getting vitamin supplements as part of her diet. But Dr Ordon said he prefers getting Vitamin A and other nutrients through fruits or veggies, such as Carrots, Spinach, and Sweet Potatoes.

He did say that picky eaters or slow growers might benefit from supplements, provided that they’re naturally sweetened and undyed.

The Doctors: Daily Salt Intake

A woman on the subway asked Dr Andrew Ordon about her boyfriend’s salt consumption. He eats it on everything, but says he has low blood pressure and doesn’t see a problem. “Salt is bad,” Dr Ordon said, suggesting other seasonings and recommending less than 1500 mg Sodium in your daily diet.

Lemon, Salsa, Spices, and Hot Pepper are healthier options that can also boost immunities and prevent ulcers.

The Drs TV: Age & Weight Loss

Dr Lisa met a woman who knows it’s harder to lose weight as you age. She said that now, at age 38, she’s the heaviest she has ever been. According to the show, women lose about 1/2 pound of muscle mass per year, starting at age 30.

She suggested weight training in addition to cardio and a healthy diet of fruits and veggies.

The Doctors: Breastfeeding Vs Formula Health Benefits

Dr Jim Sears told one woman that breastfed babies have stronger immune systems compared to formula babies. It can also save you $1500 on formula in just the first year of a baby’s life (that’s money you’ll end up spending on diapers).

Though Dr Sears said formula continues to improve, he doesn’t believe it will ever be as beneficial as breastmilk.

The Drs TV: Ketchup Vs Mustard Calories

Dr Travis Stork tackled a New York City tradition, the street hot dog. He praised the city for requiring eateries to list calorie counts on menus and gave consumers the scoop on how to order a healthier hot dog.

Did you know one ketchup packet has about 15 calories? But mustard has no sugar and just three calories.

Dr Travis also informed a fan that her order of a sausage and pretzel, which she said is just a snack, added up to 800 calories. In addition, 80% of the calories were sugar and carbs, which will make you hungrier as it gets in the body.

As for her diet soda, Dr Travis said that it often subconsciously encourages people to indulge because they’re theoretically being healthier in their soda choices. But Dr Oz fans know the Dangers of Diet Soda.


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