Drs: John Travolta, Tom Cruise Botox? + Tiger Woods’ Health


The Doctors: Celebrities Who Had Work Done

The Doctors kicked off their Fridays News Feed with the Oscars just two days away. Celebrities from all over will be getting ready to put on their best faces for the award show. But some are left wondering what exactly that entails, as some stars seem to be using a lot more than just makeup to enhance their looks. Celebrities like Olivia Munn, John Travolta, and Tom Cruise have been looked curiously refreshed lately, leaving many to wonder if they’ve gone under the knife.


Stacy Kaiser joined the show to join in the discussion, as The Doctors first discussed John Travolta. Travolta has taken on a new role in The People VS OJ Simpson, portraying lawyer Robert Shapiro. Because of the fact that Travolta appears to have few wrinkles, Dr Andrew Ordon said he’s appeared to have “plenty of Botox” that has also given him a lot more volume in the face. There’s always a chance that it could be makeup tricks, but Dr Ordon said his “trained eye” spotted the work he had done right away.

Drs: John Travolta, Tom Cruise Botox? + Tiger Woods' Health

Have celebrities like John Travolta and Tom Cruise recently gotten some work done? Dr Andrew Ordon used his trained eye to make an educated guess! (lauraleedooley / Flickr)


The Doctors: Tom Cruise Botox Or Face Fillers?

As for Tom Cruise, he’s appeared to look a lot puffier than before. Dr Ordon doubted that it was weight gain and instead said there was a good chance that he went to someone who thought volume would be a good thing for his face, but he slightly overdid it. Perhaps he also didn’t wait long enough to go out and show his face after undergoing a non-invasive procedure to add volume to his face.

The Doctors: Tiger Woods Declining Health

The Doctors then moved on to talk about the health of professional golfer Tiger Woods. Two golf writers tweeted Monday that Woods felt tired, couldn’t move well, found it painful to sit, had limited mobility, and could hardly walk. The presumption is that it would be too hard for Tiger Woods to continue golfing. Woods has already undergone four back surgeries so it’s no question that his condition will likely only get worse. Dr Travis Stork said he was actually concerned that Woods was going under the knife too often, as opposed to taking a much-needed long break to let his body recover. Woods’ entire life is golfing, so it’s no surprise that he so badly wants to keep going.

Tiger Woods’ spokespeople came out and said the accusations that Woods could hardly walk were “ridiculous and absolutely false.” Woods also shared a video of himself taking a swing at a golf ball to show that he’s still up on his feet.

The Doctors: Seemingly Random Act Of Violence In Michigan

The Doctors then took a moment to discuss the senseless act of violence by a man in Kalamazoo, Michigan. An Uber driver killed six and injured two during his shooting rampage. One of his victims was a 14-year-old who at the time of the show’s taping, was in critical condition. The man had no criminal record or any background of violence, which made the violence even more random. Stacy said there are usually red flags for people who end up committing violent acts. She added that you have to have a mental illness to go around shooting people. She believes the details of the shooter just haven’t come out yet.


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