Drs: Jealous Ex Lit House On Fire + Domestic Violence Survivor


The Doctors: Jealous Ex Lit House On Fire

Almost half of all women report to being victims of psychological abuse, and The Doctors’ special guest saw the abuse she was experiencing quickly go from psychological to physical. Francine was with her ex-boyfriend for three years. He was a gentleman in the beginning, but a year and a half into their relationship, he began calling her names. He busted out her car windows and tore up her dining room, in fits of rage. On June 16, 2014 Francine and her friend Armentha were getting ready to watch a movie, when Francine’s ex wanted to come to the house to get some of his things.


He broke into a fit of rage as Francine yelled for Armentha to call the police. Francine’s ex poured gasoline into the basement and then lit it on fire, causing the house to explode. Francine remembers trying to fight the fire off her body, determined not to die. Armentha got out of the house just before a second explosion. She screamed that her friend was inside the house.

Drs: Jealous Ex Lit House On Fire + Domestic Violence Survivor

The Doctors spoke to a woman who was burned over 85% of her body after a jealous ex lit her house on fire. (_twiggy / Flickr)

Doctors gave Francine just 24 hours to live, and although she beat the odds, she was severely scarred for life. Her skin literally peeled off, and Nakeisha and Nakenya were brought to tears just seeing the condition she was in. Approximately 85% of Francine’s body was burned. She had third degree burns on her arms, legs, and bag. She has keloids across her face, several skin grafts across her body, and she’s been unable to go back to work. She truly considers Armentha to be her hero.


The Doctors: Domestic Violence Survivor

Francine and Armentha joined the show, with Francine explaining that her ex-boyfriend had never laid a hand on her, but he was certainly verbally and emotionally abusive. He just couldn’t accept her breaking up with him. More than anything, The Doctors were thrilled to see Francine alive, with Dr Andrew Ordon saying that for Francine to survive burns over 85% of her body is nothing short of a miracle.

Francine is speaking out to other women about domestic violence, asking them to know the signs of abuse. See if your partner starts to treat you differently than you know you should be treated. If your partner turns into someone you don’t really know, it could be a bad sign.

Armentha and Francine had been best friends for twenty years, and while Francine was in a coma for four and a half month, Armentha told the story of what happened.

The Doctors: Burned On 85% Of Her Body

A lot of the scar tissue on Francine’s hands is causing her a lot of problems. The way the skin grafts and tissue have grown back, limit her abilities. The Doctors sent Francine to see plastic surgeons Dr Lara Devgan and Dr Joshua Zuckerman to see if anything could be done for hands. The good news is that all of her facial nerves were intact, but she couldn’t open her hands all the way or make a fist. Dr Zuckerman specializes in reconstruction of the hands, so both the doctors worked together to examine Francine.

The Doctors: Help For Burned Domestic Violence Survivor

Dr Devgan explained that the solution for Francine would be to remove some of the scar tissue and rearrange tissue while borrowing tissue from other parts of her body, to give her hands a normal range of movement, while giving her face a normal appearance. It would require a lot of complex surgeries, at least 6-8 different procedures, done over 2-3 stages. Those operations could easily cost Francine more than $50,000, but Dr Devgan was so inspired by Francine that she wanted to perform the operations free of charge.

The Doctors also surprised Francine with 30 days free at Hotel Alexander while she’s in New York. Amanda Carmean in Francine’s hometown offered one year of therapy post-surgery for free to help her make a full recovery.


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