Kelly & Michael: Gabriel Mann Almost Quit Acting a Week Before Revenge


Kelly & Michael: Gabriel Mann Fashionable Billionaire

This must be the billionaire’s episode of Live!. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan already talked with Mark Cuban about some of his best and worst investments and then they talked with Gabriel Mann, who plays an extravagant billionaire on Revenge.

He didn’t see himself as extravagant though. Mann said he is quite the klutz.


“I am amazed I didn’t run into the camera on my way out here,” said Mann.

He was a bit extravagant with his style though. He said it all comes from his flashy character. The character gave him “permission” to step up his style outside the show.

Live!: Art Moore Socks

Kelly & Michael: Gabriel Mann Almost Quit Acting a Week Before Revenge

Kelly and Michael invited Revenge star Gabriel Mann on the show to talk about how he almost quit acting to move to Vermont and start an all organic farm.
(Phil Stafford /


“Men are the new women,” he said. He clarified by saying men can wear colors not and wear cool socks and have tie bars. Back in the day a man might have one good suit to wear out on Friday but now a lot of men have a number of different suits to wear out any day of the week.

Live! knows all about fashion. They even have their very own fashionista in Art Moore.

“Those are his Easter socks and his Christmas jacket,” joked Kelly as they panned over to the stylish Moore who was wearing pinkish socks with a red suit coat with a flannel pattern.

Kelly and Michael: Gabriel Mann Almost Quit Acting Two Weeks Before Revenge

Mann told Kelly and Michael he almost quit acting two weeks before he landed the part on Revenge. His plan was to go back to his home state of Vermont, start an all organic farm and attend culinary school. He said he just wanted to live alone and make himself nice meals. That was the plan at least.

Kelly said she has similar aspirations. She wants to raise chickens in a coop in New York City which both her and Mann thought was ridiculous after they talked about it for a second. Kelly also said she wants to be a runway model.

Good thing Gabriel Mann was on the show. He has actually done some runway modeling before. He taught both Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan the male walk since Kelly wanted to be the first woman with a male model walk.

Basically, Mann said to just look angry, act like you’re mad at everyone and do a sort of stomp while walking.

Kelly Ripa had quite the man walk and Michael said he felt powerful when he was walking.

“That really wasn’t swag. My left leg is just shorter than my right,” said Michael about his unusual gait.


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