Kelly & Michael: Mark Cuban Best Investment vs Worst Investment


Kelly & Michael: Mark Cuban’s First Job – Selling Garbage Bags

Mark Cuban is probably the most famous self-made billionaire in the world and it all started for him when he was only 12 years old. He really wanted to get a new pair of sneakers but his father told him he wouldn’t buy them. He told Mark to get a job. Being only 12, Mark couldn’t just get a job so a friend of his father’s told him he would hire him to sell garbage bags door-to-door.

“It was six bucks for a hundred. I’ve got some in the back,” he joked.


He said the job made him some money because no one wanted to turn down a sweet little kid trying to make some money for a new pair of shoes.

Live!: Mark Cuban’s Always Had a Competitive Drive

Cuban said he has always been competitive but he was never built to be an athlete so he got into business. Where a basketball game only lasts so long and the practices only sporadically, Mark said being in business means you are trying to win the game every single moment of your life and there is always someone trying to beat you to the money.

Kelly & Michael: Mark Cuban Best Investment vs Worst Investment

Mark Cuban stopped by Live! to talk about his first job, selling garbage bags door-to-door,and the best and worst investments he has made on Shark Tank.
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“If you can’t play the sport why not own the team,” said Michael.

Mark Cuban: Worst Pitch on Shark Tank

Mark Cuban, one of the “sharks” (investors) on Shark Tank, said the worst pitch came from a guy who was trying to sell unconventionally scented candles. He even had a candle that smelled like a fart that he pitched as a gag gift but Cuban said it was a terrible idea for a product so he didn’t invest.

Kelly & Michael: Mark Cuban Regrets Not Investing in Frozen Shrimp Burgers

The one opportunity Mark Cuban missed was investing in Big Chef Shake’s frozen shrimp burgers. Cuban had to let the investment walk away because he knew nothing about the frozen food market. Big Chef eventually got an investor and now he is making some big money.

Live!: Mark Cuban Worst Investment – ToyGaroo

Cuban said the worst investment he has ever made on the show was with ToyGaroo. The idea behind the company was to offer parents a monthly fee for a box of toys which could be returned. So basically, you send the company $40 and you get $300 worth of toys. When the kids get tired of playing with the toys, the toys are shipped back, another $40 is paid and new toys are sent to the house.

While it sounds like a good idea, Cuban said the owners of the company didn’t want to do any of the work. Eventually the company filled for bankruptcy.

Mark Cuban’s Best Investment on Shark Tank

Cuban said his investment on the show was in a company called Simple Sugars. A recent high school graduate came up with the idea for a simple scrub that was great for kids with eczema. Mark Cuban invested in the company thinking it would get about 10,000 orders but within three days this 18-year-old girl had 25,00 orders. She made over $600,000 in just three days.

“If she can turn something simple into this huge business, anyone can do it,” said Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban Teaches Kelly Ripa Disco Lessons

It was a long way to the top for Mark Cuban though. At one point, when he was 21, he was hired to teach disco lessons to a group of sorority girls for $25 an hour. He said it was the best job he could have had at the time.

He still had the moves too. He gave Kelly Ripa a free dance lesson.


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