Ellen: Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Commercial & Biggest Fan


Ellen: Taylor Swift Meets Fan

Taylor Swift has millions of fans. One of them, Mary Kate, sent Ellen a video proclaiming her adoration of Taylor.

Ellen shared the video and in it, Mary Kate explained, “Taylor Swift has gotten me through so much. It’s not just her music. It’s how real she is.”


Ellen: Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Commercial

Ellen introduced Taylor Swift to her biggest fan and then performed a live Wonderstruck commercial. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

After the video, Ellen called out to Mary Kate, who was in the audience, and invited her onstage.

Mary Kate sat across from Ellen and Taylor Swift stood beside her.


“What makes her so great?” Ellen asked Mary Kate about Taylor.

“Everything about her,” Mary Kate said.

Mary Kate looked like she was absolutely on top of the world, heartbreakingly happy.

“Thank you so much for writing music,” Mary Kate said to Taylor.

“Thank you for saying that!” Taylor said. “You’re awesome.

That was an especially moving moment, because it was clear that Mary Kate was ecstatic and then she actually shared that happiness with Taylor. For anyone who doesn’t make music, it might not have seemed so special. But artists of all kinds, film, music, visual, prose, etc., want more than anything to know that their art reaches people and helps them in their lives.

Ellen: Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Halloween Costume

“I have a good halloween costume for you because you’re a huge fan,” Ellen said to Mary Kate.

The costume was meant to look like an oversized bottle of Taylor’s perfume, Wonderstruck.

Mary Kate put the costume on and appeared to be crying a little bit because she was so happy.

“Let me start you out,” Ellen joked as she laid some cheap mints in her hand.

Ellen: Taylor Swift Country Music Awards

Ellen told Mary Kate that Taylor Swift had been nominated for five awards at the Country Music Awards.

Then Ellen surprised Mary Kate with tickets to the awards show!

Ellen: Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Commercial

“I’ve come up with a commercial for Taylor’s new perfume, ‘Wonderstruck,’ and we’re going to do it live, right before your eyes,” Ellen said.

Ellen and Taylor acted out the mock commercial. It featured both of them standing on either side of a golden frame. The frame was supposed to be a mirror and they were supposed to be mirror images of each other.

They moved very slowly and whimsically. It was like they were dancing underwater.

While they did that, Ellen’s voiceover played out really cheesy advertisement hooks in a comically dramatic way.

For example, one of them was, “Have you ever been struck by the way something smells, but not in a gross way?”


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