Dr Oz: Tinted Lip Balm Review & Add Gelatin for Longer Lasting Shampoo


Dr Oz: Saving Money On Health Splurges

Sometimes it can get expensive following all of Dr. Oz’s advice but today he has been talking about the best ways to save money on some of the health splurges he recommends for everyone. He already went over his money saving tips for drinking wine, eating a healthy diet and getting a massage and now he is going over a number of ways to save on your beauty regimen.

Dr Oz: Tinted Lip Balm Review & Add Gelatin for Longer Lasting Shampoo

Did you know tinted lip balm is better than lip gloss? Dr. Oz said putting plastic over the crown of a banana can make them last a week longer.


Use Baby Powder Instead Of Dry Shampoo

Shape beauty director Cheryl Kramer said to pass up the expensive dry shampoos at the store and buy a bottle of baby powder instead. She said baby powder has the same active ingredient as dry shampoo, cornstarch, which is used to suck up the excess oil on your scalp.

To apply the baby powder, Kramer suggested putting some on your fingers and then massaging the baby powder into the roots. She said it will work wonders for women with fine hair who have a lot of oil on their scalp.

All Self-Tanners Have the Same Active Ingredient

Whenever you buy a self tanner, Kramer suggested looking for a self-tanner with an ingredient called dihydroxyacetone or DHA. This simple, non-toxic sugar is in every bottle of self tanner. The only things making some more expensive are the extra things in the self-tanner like moisturizers or special gloves for the application.


She suggested beginners who are trying self-tanners for the first time use a gradual self-tanner because they are easier to apply and harder to mess up.

Tinted Lip Balm vs Lip Gloss

Kramer said anytime you want to spend anything over $3 on lip gloss, just by tinted lip balm instead. The tinted lip balm is better for you because it contains moisturizers and sunblock. Lip gloss however, has been show to dry the lips out and some experts believe the “shine” of the lip gloss magnifies your exposure to the sun.

Kramer suggested looking for tinted lip balm with coconut oil or beeswax and some type of SPF.

Beauty Balm Creams Don’t Need To Be Expensive

Kramer said there is no reason to buy a BB cream for $90 when the $10 bottle is going to do the same thing. Simply make sure the brand you purchase has grapeseed oil, vitamin C and hyaluronic. Also make sure to choose a product with broad-spectrum sun protection.

Add Gelatin To Make Your Shampoo Last Longer

Dr. Oz called on the help of his audience to come up with some great ways to make health splurges cheaper and the first person he talked with was Rebecca.

Rebecca said she makes her shampoo last longer by adding gelatin to it. Simply mix half a cup of water with an unflavored packet of gelatin, stir it up and add it to a half empty bottle of shampoo. She said it will make the shampoo last longer and add protein to the product.

Keep Berries From Expiring With White Vinegar

Kim said making berries last one to two weeks longer is as easy as adding them to some white vinegar. She said to add the berries to a mixture of vinegar and water, with 10 parts water for every one part vinegar. Let the berries soak and them let them dry completely before putting them back in the fridge.

To keep bananas fresh for up to one week longer, wrap some plastic wrap around the crown of the banana.

How To Clean a Ruined Pan

Rosanna told Dr. Oz there is no need to throw away a non-stick pan that seems ruined. Simply put some oil into the pan, leave the pan over light heat for five minutes and then wipe off all the excess when the pan cools.


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