Dr Oz Health Splurges: Drink Boxed Red Wine & Eat a Mediterranean Diet


Dr Oz: Health Splurges On a Budget

Dr. Oz knows it can be very hard to splurge on your health when you have so many other bills to pay. He knows when it comes down to paying the mortgage and getting healthy food that might cost more than you can afford, you are going to pay the mortgage. According to Dr. Oz though, being healthy does not have to cost you a lot of money.

Dr Oz Health Splurges: Drink Boxed Red Wine & Eat a Mediterranean Diet

Dr. Oz went over his best health splurges and how you can do all of them for cheap, like why drinking boxed wine is cheaper than drinking bottled wine.


Health Splurge – Drink Boxed Red Wine

Dr. Oz is always talking about the benefits of drinking red wine but drinking a glass of red wine every single day could cost your hundreds of dollars a year. At least that is what Dr. Oz used to think.

Farnoosh Torabi, a personal finance expert, told Dr. Oz the best way to save money on red wine is by drinking boxed wine instead of wine from the bottle. In recent years, Torabi said the boxed wines have become very tasty. And with an average cost of around $1.50 per glass for boxed wine, compared to $3 per glass for a bottle of wine, it is far cheaper. Torabi said the only reason there is a price difference is because the price reflects the packaging and the name of the wine.

Torabi, the audience and Dr. Oz did a blind taste test to see if anyone could tell the difference between boxed and bottled wine and Dr. Oz was completely off. He thought he was drinking bottled wine when he was actually drinking boxed wine.


Guidelines For Buying Boxed Red Wine

Dr. Oz gave out the following guidelines for anyone who wants to start buying boxed red wine.

  • Always buy boxed red wine – Experts believe they are better than boxed white wines because they are more robust and have a richer taste.
  • Look for French imports – Torabi said to look for wine that has come from Bourdon or Corton.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.

Health Splurge – Eat a Mediterranean Diet

Dr. Oz has always thought the Mediterranean diet is the best diet out there because it can jumpstart the metabolism, lower cholesterol and protect your brain, but sometimes it may seem too expensive.

According to Torabi, a new study has shown eating the Mediterranean diet can save you thousands of dollars every single year, with participants saying they saved an average of $30 every single week by switching to the diet.

Dr. Oz tested the study by sending Tiffany to the grocery store to buy everything she would need for her family by following the Mediterranean diet. While Tiffany said it normally costs her about $316 a week to feed her family, she only spent $237 when she went to the store for Dr. Oz.

Guidelines For the Mediterranean Diet

  • Frozen foods -Buying frozen vegetables and fruits will save you money and have you wasting less but without giving up the nutrition.
  • Protein – Torabi said frozen fish is actually fresher than “fresh fish” because the fresh fish is trucked across the country sometimes and frozen numerous times while the frozen fish is frozen right when it comes out of the water.
  • Grains – Always buy loose grains and buy them in bulk. Dr. Oz said his favorite is barley. He recommended everyone add barley to their diet.
  • Nuts and oils -Dr. Oz said to buy nuts in bulk and then freeze them to make them last an extra six to 12 months.  As for the olive oil, try buying canola oil. It is cheaper than olive oil and still healthy.

Healthy Splurge – Get Massages From Massage Students

Dr. Oz loves massages because they are a great way to reduce stress and ease your mind but he knows they are expensive. According to Torabi, they don’t have to be.

Torabi said to find a massage school near your home where you can get massages for a discount. She said massage students need the practice so the school sets up clinics where the students can practice on real people and the massages are oftentimes discounted. His only bit of advice was to make sure the massage is supervised.

Health Splurge Savings

So how much money can you save by following all of Dr. Oz’s health splurge advice?

  • You can save $1,500 a year with the Mediterranean diet.
  • You can save $300 a year on the boxed red wine.
  • You can save $500 a year by getting student massages.

That leads to a grand total of $2,300 saved each year.


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