The Doctors: How To Look Hot In Photos & Minimize Double Chin


The Doctors: How To Look Good In Photos

The Doctors shared a variety of skin care tips and Kate Somerville beauty products on their show. Everyone wants to look their best, but how can you look your best in photos? The Doctors sent two women to an expert for advice on how to look hot in photos.

People on the streets of LA had mixed feelings about getting their pictures taken. Some didn’t mind how they look, while others were often dissatisfied. One woman said she didn’t like photos of her taken while she’s eating. But The Doctors explained that you can learn how to look good in photos.


The Drs: Looking Comfortable In Pictures

How To Look Hot In Photos: The Doctors

Get professional advice on how to look hot in photos and minimize double chin or other problem areas.

Melanie said she likes between 2-5% of the pictures she’s in. “I never know what to do with my hands or body,” she complained, explaining that she wants to be more comfortable and “look as pretty as I feel.”

Angela complained that she doesn’t see herself reflected in photographs. She wants to work with her curves and learn how to pose. The Doctors sent both women to a celebrity photographer for advice.


Jeffery Berlin Photography Advice

Jeffery Berlin has been photographing celebrities and models for over 20 years. He reviewed some of the ladies’ worst photos. “I either look drunk or surprised,” Melanie said of her shots.

He coached her to think positive thoughts and relax her mouth for a more natural smile.

How To Minimize Double Chin In Photos

Melanie wanted to manage her curves with better angles and more flattering poses. Jeffery suggested bringing the face forward to minimize the appearance of a double chin. He also encouraged relaxation for more spontaneous shots.

The Doctors: How To Look Hot In Photos

Back in the studio, Jeffery was in the audience with Melanie and Angela. Melanie explained that she used to panic and have a crooked smile. But she learned that breathing and state of mind are important to getting good photos.

Angela’s smile and pose were more confident in the pictures Jeffery took. Melanie said that learning how to pose gave her confidence as well. The Doctors were amazed at her results.

Dr Jim Sears said he’s noticed that an angled pose is always better than a straight on photograph. That’s good advice if you’re ready to refresh your Facebook or Twitter profile picture.

The Doctors: Skin Redness & Sun Exposure

The Doctors showed two pictures of skin. One was very red, while the other appeared pale. They were actually pictures of the same woman’s forearm. But the red photo was a part of the forearm that was always exposed to the sun.

“Stay out of the sun as much as possible,” Dr Travis Stork said, advocating sunscreen.

How To Protect Skin From The Sun

Dr Andrew Ordon saw a lot wrong with the red skin: “It has wrinkles, it’s uneven, it’s irregular,” he said. “It has redness, it has pigmentation changes, whereas inside doesn’t get the sun.”

Dr Travis Stork said that being careful in the sun is the best way to protect your skin. He suggested avoiding peak sunlight hours between 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. and finding stylish SPF clothing to protect yourself.


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