The Doctors: Plucking Vs Trimming Nose Hair & Removing Anal Hair


The Doctors: Nipple Hair Removal

A man said he uses a depilatory to remove his body hair, but he now notices that he does not have feeling in his nipple. He asked if it is safe to remove his body hair.

Dr. Lisa Masterson weighed in and said that manscaping is a personal choice, and women have different preferences.


The Doctors Butt Hair Laser Hair Removal

The Doctors discussed Laser Hair Removal for Anal Hair or Butt Hair.

Hair Removal Allergy Test

Dr. Andrew Ordon said these hair removal products contain strong ingredients and shouldn’t be used on sensitive areas, such as the nipples, genitals, or face. He recommends testing the product in a small area of your body to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction.

Most of these products need to be washed off within a few minutes, so be sure to follow the package instructions. They can cause burns or skin damage if left on too long.


The Doctors examined an archive photo of Dr. Andrew in a Speedo on the beach. He assured that he retired his Speedos years ago.

Is It Safe To Pluck Nose Hair

A woman asked what would happen if she plucked all of her nose hairs. Dr. Andrew Ordon said we have nose hairs for a reason. He used a hand mop to explain the purpose of nose hairs is to keep pollutants out of your nasal passages and lungs. They catch the dust and other material in the air, trapping it before it gets into your system.

The Doctors: Trimming Nose Hairs vs Plucking Nose Hair

When you remove your nasal hairs, they can’t keep pollen and other matter out. Dr. Andrew said never to pluck your nose hairs, because it can cause an infection which could even travel to your brain. Instead, he recommends carefully trimming your nasal hairs.

The Doctors: Anal Hair Removal

An anonymous female caller said she and her boyfriend noticed that she has excessive anal hair. She wondered if this is normal. Dr. Lisa Masterson said the medical term for this is actually Butt Hair. The amount of hair can be affected by factors like race and genetics.

But if this is a sudden new growth, it could be an increase of Testosterone in your body. In that case, you should ask your doctor about it.

The Doctors: Butt Hair Removal

Dr. Lisa said medications, lasers, and other treatments can help you remove unwanted anal hair. But Dr. Andrew said you definitely shouldn’t use a depilatory in that area. However, he said lasers are more accurate and almost completely painless.


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