The Doctors: Boost Your Energy & Give Back


The Doctors: White Tea Fights Fatigue

Dr. Travis Stork shared two simple ways to battle fall fatigue & boost your energy. He said standing up once an hour while at work, rolling up and down on your toes, helps to improve circulation, oxygenation, and more. This will make you feel more energized throughout the workday.

Dr. Lisa Masterson recommended bringing tea time back into popularity. She said White Tea has amino acids to boost your brain waves and keep you more alert.


The Doctors: Boost Your Energy & Give Back

The Doctors encouraged everyone to boost their energy, give back, and celebrate themselves.

The Drs TV Show: The Helper’s High

The 12 Month Plan rolled into November and highlighted the benefits of giving. Giving can be good for your health. Dr. Jim Sears said giving back makes you feel grateful and makes you less likely to be depressed or get sick.

A study of MRIs found that giving money anonymously has the same effect on the brain as if you had won money. Dr. Jim Sears called this the Helper’s High.


Dr. Andrew Ordon said helping others makes you feel good, and it is something everyone can get involved in.

Cafe Gratitude Gives Back

Ryland Englehart is the owner of Cafe Gratitude, a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles. The menu at Cafe Gratitude features various affirmations. For example, a green energizing smoothie is called “I Am Energized.”

They also serve a Grateful Bowl featuring kale, quinoa, black beans, and a garlic parsley tahini sauce. Anyone can order this bowl anytime, and they only pay what they are able to. It’s a donation based health dish.

The Doctors Skinny Cupcakes Review

The Doctors shared today’s final tip: celebrate you in December 2012. Today was Dr. Sears’s birthday, and the audience gave him a big round of applause. To celebrate, The Doctors featured Skinny Cupcakes from the 17th Street Cafe & Bakery in Santa Monica, California.

The Skinny Cupcakes are fat free and have less than 150 calories. The recipe uses carrot and apple juice instead of butter and oils.

The Doctors: 12 Months To A New You

Dr. Travis Stork encouraged everyone to download the 12-month plan at His doctor’s orders for today were, “Get started on a New You. Make 2012 your best year yet.”


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