Live With Kelly: Kevin Jonas Co-Hosts Fourth of July Show


Live With Kelly: Happy Fourth of July

Kelly and guest co-host Kevin Jonas both came out to celebrate the Fourth of July. The “Live” set was decorated to look like an outdoor picnic, and Kelly was wearing a festive bandana. Additionally, the entire audience was sporting some red, white, and blue accessories.

Kelly asked Kevin if he would be attending a barbecue after the show, and he said that he and his wife, Danielle Deleasa, would be taking a trip instead; he wouldn’t say where, but he said they would be going to the beach.


Live With Kelly: Kevin Jonas 4th of July

Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Kevin Jonas celebrated the Fourth of July.

Kelly and Kevin are both from New Jersey, and they described watching the fireworks displays as kids. Kevin said that in New Jersey, there are fireworks displays every night leading up to the Fourth. Once, he even got a piece of firework ash stuck in his eye!

Live With Kelly: Coney Island Hot Dog Contest

Kelly was pleased to hear that Mayor Bloomberg dropped a few curse words during his annual speech at the Coney Island Hot Dog Contest. Kelly said that she can barely eat one hot dog; in order to do so, she needs a cold beer and lots of mustard. She was amazed that sometimes women win, because the winner typically eats 40-50 hot dogs. Kevin said that they must do pilates for a lot of core strength.


Live With Kelly: Pink Lake

There is a pink lake in Australia that has– as its name implies– completely pink-colored water. Kevin showed some pictures of it and explained that the color is due to very high salt content. Kelly said that, although she is small, she is very dense, so she cannot usually float in water. This lake would be perfect for her! The salt helps people stay afloat.

Kelly Ripa: Remembering Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith was an American actor and star of iconic television shows such as “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Matlock.” Andy passed away yesterday at the age of 86. Kelly acknowledged Andy’s passing, saying that while she was too young to have watched “The Andy Griffith” show besides in reruns, she loved watching “Matlock.” Kelly said that it’s hard when someone passes away that you feel like you’ve known your whole life.

Live With Kelly: Chuck E. Cheese & Snooki

In “ridiculous” segues, Kelly and Kevin took a look at the new, re-worked Chuck E. Cheese. He has received a modern makeover, which Kelly thinks makes him look more “rodent-y.” Plus, they took a peek at a picture of Snooki pushing a package of beer in a baby stroller. How classy!

Live With Kelly: Independence Day Games

In honor of the Fourth, Kelly and Kevin played fun summer games all show long with different audience members. Even the guests got in on the action!

During the first game segment, Kelly’s team creamed Kevin’s in Pass the Orange! At the end of the show, some audience members went head-t0-head and bobbed for hot dogs– the messiest of the summer games, to say the least.

At the end of the show, Kevin and Kelly both took turns in the hot seat at the Dunk Tank. Kevin got dunked first, and just when Kelly thought she was safe, Gelman got her good!


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