Ellen: Kate Walsh New Billionaire Boyfriend Perfume Review


Ellen: Kate Walsh Whale Watching

Did Private Practice star Kate Walsh have any close encounters while whale watching in Cabo San Lucas?

Ellen DeGeneres, asked Kate about her recent vacation, recalling the actress’s near death kayaking experience in Cabo.


Ellen: Kate Walsh Billionaire Boyfriend Perfume

Actress Kate Walsh shared her new Billionaire Boyfriend Perfume with Ellen. (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

“I was not manning the boat, so that was good,” Kate said. She said the whales she saw on her recent trip were incredible. A former Chicagoan, Kate said her Midwestern accent and colloquialisms come out when she is especially excited.

Kate Walsh Whale Watching Video

Kate brought a video she took during her whale watching adventure. She showed it for Ellen and the audience, though there was not much to see. You would be more entertained by imagining whales. Based on the poor quality and photography in this cell phone video, Kate should stay in front of the camera, not behind it.


“They were closer than they appeared,” Kate said. “It’s just that I had it on the wrong setting, so it made it look further away.”

Ellen was playfully annoyed. I mean, why bring it at all if it’s that bad? She should’ve quit while she was ahead, after playing her Mom’s Voicemail. “I could’ve seen whales,” Ellen complained.

Ellen said she needs to plan her own whale watching trip soon. You can see Kate Walsh in front of the camera on Private Practice, Thursday nights on ABC.

Kate Walsh Perfume: Billionaire Boyfriend

In addition to starring in her TV show, Private Practice, Kate is also an entrepreneur. Her first fragrance was called Boyfriend, and now she has come out with a second scent.

Click here to purchase Kate Walsh’s original Boyfriend Perfume.

The new Billionaire Boyfriend got its name because it’s a “decadent fragrance” featuring Amber and Jasmine, according to Kate.

Ellen wondered if the perfume would attract people, and she surprised Kate with Go-Go Dancers who seemed to really enjoy the scent of the perfume. They were of course sporting Ellen Underwear.

Kate Walsh: Billionaire Boyfriend Perfume

Ellen said that Kate’s perfume is available now. Everyone in the audience received a free bottle to take home.

Click here to purchase Kate Walsh’s Billionaire Boyfriend Perfume.


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