Ellen: Octavia Spencer The Help Oscar Nomination & SAG Award


Ellen: Octavia Spencer SAG Award

Octavia Spencer walked onto Ellen carrying her award from the Screen Actors Guild that she received for her work in The Help. She looked immensely proud and rightfully so. She’s been paying her dues for years and is finally being recognized.

“That’s very very heavy,” Octavia said.


Ellen: Octavia Spencer The Help

Octavia Spencer was nominated for an Oscar and won a SAG award for her work in The Help. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

“You said you need to work out more when you held it for the first time,” Ellen teased.

Octavia tried to pantomime doing pushups but she was sitting down and it looked weird so Ellen laughed at her.


Ellen: Octavia Spencer Oscar Nomination

“You’ve got to just be on such a high,” Ellen said. “To be part of that movie and for it to get the attention it’s getting…When you found out about the Oscar nomination, you had to have had an inclination.”

“The morning we got up at five and had a big breakfast,” Octavia said. She said she wanted to hear the names that were announced regardless of whether hers was called, because some of her friends were hoping for nominations.

Apparently, Octavia‘s name was the very last one called. She said just before she heard her name, she had lost hope and said to herself, “I’m so glad I did not buy into this.”

“Then they said my name and I said, ‘Oh thank you Jesus!'” Octavia said.

Ellen: Octavia Spencer Triple Spanx

Octavia said she wore three pairs of Spanx to the Oscar award ceremony, but soon regretted it.

“I triple spank,” she said. “Spanx really work but you don’t have to overdo it.”

Octavia said she likes Spanx because they give “the illusion of an hourglass with the sand kind of spread out.”

Ellen: Octavia Spencer Naked

Prior to Barack Obama‘s election, Octavia Spencer was convinced that it would nearly impossible for an African American person to become president of the U.S..

“I totally did not think that America was ready for a black president,” she said.

She felt so strongly that it wouldn’t happen that she made a bet with her friend Tate Taylor, director of The Help, that if Barack Obama was elected, she would streak naked down her street.

When news came in that Barack had won the election, she told Tate that she didn’t feel comfortable running naked, but would do it in her bra and panties.

Octavia said Tate told her that if she wasn’t going to do it naked, then she’d have to do it while screaming, “‘A black man has been elected to the White House!'”

And she did! You can read about it here: Octavia Spencer runs naked after losing bet


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