Dr Oz: Silent Heart Attack + Is Butter In Your Coffee Healthy?


Dr Oz February 27 2015 Preview

On Friday, February 27, Dr Oz will talk about the heart attacks with symptoms that go completely unrecognized and what you can do to detect them. Then, he’ll investigate whether the bulletproof coffee, or putting butter in coffee, trend is really all it’s cracked up to be.

Dr Oz: Silent Heart Attack + Is Butter In Your Coffee Really Healthy?

Dr Oz will explain how you can spot so-called silent heart attacks, and then will investigate whether putting butter in your coffee is truly good for you. (Kristo-Gothard Hunor / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz: How To Spot A Silent Heart Attack

According to Dr Oz, almost a third of all heart attacks have symptoms that are unrecognizable, to both you and your doctor. It’s truly possible that you could suffer a heart attack and not even know it. Dr Oz wants to share his tips for spotting one of those silent heart attacks so that you can get the care you need to recover as best you can.

Dr Oz: Easy Ways To Eat Clean

Dr Oz will then turn to all those people who are wanting to lose weight, slim down, or simply eat better. He’ll talk about easy ways you can eat clean all day long without feeling like you’re completely depriving yourself. The good news is that it’s much easier than you may think!

Dr Oz: Is Bulletproof Coffee Healthy?

Dr Oz will also take a closer look at the bulletproof coffee fad that has people putting coconut oil and butter into their coffee in hopes of improving their health. He wants to know if the butter coffee trend is just a fad, or if there’s actual science behind it to prove that it’s worth adding to your morning regimen.


Bulletproof coffee and butter coffee seems to be popping up on health websites everywhere, but still many are question whether it’s truly healthy. After all, we’ve been taught to think that butter isn’t exactly good for us! If you’re considering trying the drink or have already started to enjoy it, be sure to watch Dr Oz on Friday February 27 to find out if you’re doing the right thing.


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