Is Metabolism Genetic? Dr Oz Secret Cravings Weapon


Dr Oz: Chris Powell’s Metabolism Myths

Dr Oz invited fitness expert Chris Powell to help you break out of your metabolic rut with his Miracle Metabolism Plan. Everyone has go to excuses that they use to explain why they can’t lose weight. But Chris Powell tackled some of the most common reasons and broke down Metabolism Myths about dieting, binging and cravings. Is metabolism genetic?

Three Dr Oz audience members said that their metabolism has slowed down as they aged. Each of them said they thought they knew why, but after this segment, they might be getting a rude awakening.


Dr Oz: Is Metabolism Genetic?

Dr Oz: Is Metabolism Genetic?

Is metabolism genetic? Dr Oz's guest, Chris Powell, shared the truth about Metabolism Myths.

Zena was first up. She said that genetics were to blame for her sluggish metabolism. Her mother was thin once too, and gained weight as she aged.

But Chris said the idea that your metabolism is genetic is a myth! Though genetic factors are important in terms of your health, they are not set in stone when it comes to your body type. “Genetics loads the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger,” Chris said.


That means even though your genes might have you on the path to a specific body type, the choices you make will add up to your end result.

Dr Oz: Metabolism & Breaking Your Diet

Amy said that she believed the issue with her slow metabolism is that she travels all the time and is constantly breaking her diet, instead of sticking to her plan and guidelines. But Chris said this is a myth as well.

He said that if you’re eating healthy carbs, your metabolism should be working very well. You just have to watch out for the junk food with no nutrients that prevents your body from doing its job. Chris said you should let yourself give in about twice a week, and try to stick to your diet goals the rest of the time.

Dr Oz: Metabolism & Binge Eating

Monica was the last audience volunteer, and her excuse is that she works in an Italian restaurant. (I didn’t know that’s bad for your metabolism.) She explained that she’s always snacking on the bread and snacks that are around her at owrk.

Chris said that eating mindlessly and binge eating can really have an effect on your metabolism. He referred to it as Blind Binging or Hypo-Binging.

Chris Powell: Blind Binging & Hypo-Binging

He said that there are triggers that set us off on these paths, but you can teach yourself to get back on track. He suggested simple mind tricks like rearranging the food in your cabinets or pantry. Then when you fall into your routine of mindless snacking, you’ll be disrupted when you can’t find what you were looking for.

Dr Oz: Secret Cravings Weapon

Chris had one more trick up his sleeve for your metabolism. He suggested eating a tablespoon of a favorite fat (this is approximately 8 grams). Then wait 15 minutes, and you’ll likely notice that the cravings disappear on their own.


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