Dr Oz: Multi-Peptides Facial Firmness + Retinol with Soy for Wrinkles


Dr Oz: How To Stop Your Face From Aging Too Fast

What are you most concerned about when it comes to beauty and aging? Dr Oz assembled a panel of three expert dermatologists, who each addressed the concerns many of us have about aging. Here’s what you need to know about Hydroquinone, Retinol, Soy Cream, and Multi-Peptides.

Dr Oz’s Skin Care Summit included wrinkle expert Dr Jeanine Downie, anti-aging authority Dr Howard Sobel, and beauty product tester Dr Lori Brightman. The three shared some of their best tips and products so that all of us can benefit with home beauty care. The team agreed that our three biggest agers are Discoloration, Firmness, and Wrinkles.


Dr Oz: Hydroquinone Review for Discoloration

Dr Oz: Multi-Peptides Facial Firmness + Retinol with Soy for Wrinkles

Do you have problems with wrinkles, discoloration, or loss of firmness? Dermatologists recommended Multi-Peptides, Retinol with Soy, and Hydroquinone.

Discoloration can sometimes be the first sign of aging. Dr Jeanine Downie explained that Discoloration is often visible in blotchiness and changes in pigmentation, which can be aggravating for patients. Look at your cheeks or the bridge of your nose for signs of discoloration.

Dr Downie told Dr Oz she recommends Hydroquinone. It is available in a 2% formulation over the counter. “It works by blocking the hormones that cause the discoloration, and it breaks apart the pigment,” she said.


It helps to shield the face by blocking skin cells from responding to trauma or other factors. New skin cells can eventually help to remove those blotches.

Dr Oz: Retinol with Soy for Wrinkle Repair

Wrinkles are a frequent complaint among patients as they age. The eye is an area where many start seeing fine lines, Crow’s feet, and other furrows. What can you do about them? Dr Howard Sobel told Dr Oz and an audience member about ways to learn more, beyond moisturizing and sunscreen.

Have you heard of Retinol with Soy? Dr Sobel said that Retinol is a well-known product, but you should pair it with Soy Cream. Use Retinol in the evening, and apply Soy Cream in the morning.

Apply a pea-sized dot on your forehead, chin, and each cheek to apply the Soy Cream. Use your ring finger to apply less pressure.

Dr Oz: Multi-Peptides for Facial Firmness

Loss of Firmness was the final area on the dermatologists’ checklist. Dr Lori Brightman said you can start to notice this in the lower 2/3 of your face. Watch out for hooding around the eyelid and a lack of definition around your jawline.

Dr Brightman recommended Multi-Peptides, which are naturally found in the body’s Amino Acids. This product can generate more Collagen production and correct firmness.

If you have more than one of these skin problems, Dr Oz said you can use any combination of the recommendations at the same time.


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