Kathie Lee & Hoda: Matthew Hussey Get the Guy Review

Do you know the secret to getting any guy? Do you think you know how men work? Have you figured out dating? If so, pass on the knowledge to everyone else. If not, then keep reading to find out what Matthew Hussey, author of Get the Guy and one of the matchmakers on Ready For Love, has to say about getting any guy you want.

Hussey said he has had major success helping women find their right match. He spent the last five years helping over 50,000 women find Mr. Right, although Hoda and Kathie Lee said just laying eyes on the handsome Hussey should be all any woman needs to know they found the right guy.

KLG & Hoda: Matthew Hussey 8 Words to Get Any Guy & Get the Guy Review

Kathie Lee and Hoda talked with Matthew Hussey about his new book, Get the Guy, and the eight words every woman can use to get any guy they want.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Women Need To Be Proactive When Chasing a Man

Hussey said the one thing he hears from every woman is that there are no great guys out there which he said is not true. If you think about it, how many men does a woman actually meet in a week? According to Hussey, they meet maybe one but usually zero. Most of the time it is not about where to go to meet men but more about learning how to talk with a man.

Hussey said women need to be more proactive first off. Playing hard to get is not going to work anymore which is why Hussey said they need to work under the radar. They need to mask their moves so the man thinks he has done something to help the woman instead of the woman actually choosing her man.


He used the example of dropping something on the ground in front of a guy. If it is a good guy he will pick it up and bring it back to you. Right away you know he is thoughtful and nice. Now you have also been given the chance to talk with him, so take the opportunity.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Eight Words To Get Any Guy

Hussey said there are eight words every woman can use to get almost any guy. All you have to say is, “I could really use your help with something.”

He used the example of being at a bar with your friends. He suggested going to get a drink while holding your jacket and stand next to a guy you like. Order some drinks, say your eight magic words and if he responds ask him to hold your coat while you deliver the drinks. When you get back, say “thank you” and strike up a conversation. Hussey said this works perfectly because you can talk with the guy and if he doesn’t hold the jacket, you know he is not the type of guy you want to be with.

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