Katie Couric Exclusive: Man of Steel Cast Interviews

Most morning talk shows take the entire week to interview the cast of a movie but that isn’t the type of person Katie Couric is. She used her special Katie Couric powers to bring the entire cast of the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, on her show to talk about filming the movie.

Amy Adams: Henry Cavill is Daughters First Crush

Katie Couric: Superman Film Exclusive Man of Steel Cast  Interviews

Katie Couric June 13 2013 brought the entire cast of Man of Steel, the new Superman film, on her show for some exclusive interviews.
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Amy Adams, who plays Lois Lane in Man of Steel, says her three-year-old daughter just developed her first crush and it is on Henry Cavill, the actor portraying Superman. She said when she shows pictures of Henry her daughter always asks to see his “super suit.”

Henry Cavill Too Ridiculously Good Looking

Katie Couric said there are times when actors are so good looking it can inhibit their acting careers since most of the casting directors may not be able to look past the hunky demeanor. Henry Cavill made a good point about how it wouldn’t affect his career. He said the director of the movie is going to make you look however he wants you to looks. You usually don’t have a say in how the movie is going to turn out visually.

Kevin Costner: Man of Steel the Biggest Movie He Worked On

Kevin Costner, who plays the role of Superman’s adoptive father, tells Katie Couric this is the biggest movie he has ever worked on. He joked that he is normally sitting in front of a fire on the set of a Western but in this movie, Zach Snyder has no qualms about tearing down an entire city.


“It doesn’t work unless Henry works and it is not an easy job to pull it off. Superman works because of him,” said Costner.

Chris Meloni Praises Zach Snyder Directorial Path

Chris Meloni, who plays the role of Colonel Hardy, said the technical wizardry in the movie is just amazing but these are the types of special effects everyone has at their disposable. He said there is a scene where he is in a helicopter and the helicopter is going down. Meloni wanted to know it would look on film so he knew how to react and Zach Snyder showed him an amazing clip on his phone. When Melanie asked how he did it, Snyder took his hand and shook the phone around, saying he filmed it the night before.

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