GMA: Justin Kievit & Jared Stevens Wrestling Match & Sportsmanship

In what could be the most inspirational story you’ll ever hear, two young boys brought courage and character to an unforgettable wrestling match. Justin Kievit faced his opponent Jared Stevens on the mat. He wasn’t sure what to do at first, but he shook Jared’s hand. Jared has cerebral palsy and his dream was to compete in a wrestling match.

GMA: Jared Stevens & Justin Kievit Wrestling Match, Meet Rulon Gardner

Jared Stevens and Justin Kievit exhibited sportsmanship and character in a wrestling match. Justin helped Jared, who has cerebral palsy, pin him to the mat.

Justin took Jared’s arm, and giving him respect and a good fight, he let Jared pin him to the mat. The video of Justin and Jared’s fight went viral and caught the attention of GMA’s Josh Elliott. The story brought him to tears and he had to be there when these two young men met for the first time after the match.

Justin gave Jared a frame with photos from their fight that read “courage, commitment, character.” Josh Elliot invited the boys and their families, and also Jared’s dog, to GMA for a special interview.

Rulon Gardner Meets Jared Stevens & Justin Kievit

For GMA’s “You’re Not Dreaming,” Josh brought out Rulon Gardner, the American Olympian that won gold in 2000. Jared was inspired by Rulon and he’s the reason Jared wanted to wrestle. Rulon beat Russia’s Aleksander Karelin, who was undefeated for 13 years.


Rulon Gardner had already heard about Jared and Justin’s match. He was inspired by the emotion and sportsmanship of these two young men. He told them that they are what competition and sports should be like. It’s about competing and having sportsmanship. Rulon gave Jared and Justin gold medals for their match and great character they exhibited.

Josh said he would never forget about this amazing story. It really brings tears to your eyes to see the beauty and sportsmanship of these young athletes.

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