Abercrombie & Fitch Upsets Consumers

After controversial remarks made by Mike Jeffries, CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, the company’s stock took a hard hit. It fell 10% since it’s last earnings announcement. Since the comment saying that Abercrombie isn’t for plus sized men and women, concerned buyers have taken to YouTube to express their distaste.

In an example of good parenting, one mom wrote a letter to Abercrombie. She and her daughters are boycotting the brand and giving away the Abercrombie clothes they already own. They refuse to buy or wear anything that the brand produces.

Jimmy Kimmel: Abercrombie for Fat People with Jim O’Heir

Concerned YouTubers are lashing out, asking “Don’t fat people spend money too?” Jimmy Kimmel had “Abercrombie for Fat People.”

“I would rather chop off one of my feet than wear their clothes,” Kimmel said.

Parks & Recreation‘s Jim O’Heir took a few Abercrombie shirts, double stick tape, staples and some scissors and designed the Abercombercrombie shirt. He thanked Mike Jeffries for upping his style factor.


GMA: Abercrombie & Fitch Apologizes & Jennifer Aniston Yogalosophy

Jennifer Aniston is addicted tot he moves and principles of Yogalosophy. Abercrombie needs to take some of these calming ideas to heart.

Abercrombie Apologizes, Protestors “Ditch the Fitch”

“We look forward to continuing this dialougue and taking concrete steps to demonstrate our commitment to anti-bullying and support of diversity and inclusion,” Abercrombie said.

Buyers have started a petition to stop the brand from being exclusionary, like CEO Mike Jeffries wants it to be. Abercrombie does not currently carry bigger than a women’s large.

They apologized for past comments. If things don’t change, protestors have promised to take action and “Ditch the Fitch.” The company plans to announce plans next week to up heir anti-bullying campaign. For now, the PR nightmare rages on.

Jennifer Aniston Loves Yogalosophy

In We’re The Millers, Jennifer Aniston rocks her bod as a lady of the night. In nothing but her skivvies, Aniston shows the world that she works hard for her toned body. Good Morning America found out just how hard she works.

Yogalosophy is a month-long program started by Aniston’s friend, Mandy Ingber. Ingber said that Aniston is consistent and does the work out three times a week to achieve her healthy look.

Yogalosophy Review & Health Goals

Yogalosophy is based on these goals:

  • love your body
  • set short term goals
  • make healthy choices
  • visualize your best
  • give and receive support

You have a healthy connection to your body and gives you a balanced life.

Ingber said that yoga doe not replace a traditional cardio routine, but can help you center your life.

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