The Drs: Alison Sweeney Outdoor Workout, LA Marathon & Post-Baby Body


The Doctors: Biggest Loser Host Alison Sweeney

Apparently the body part people complain most about is their stomachs. But why is it so hard to get a tight, toned midsection? For advice on better abs, The Doctors turned to Alison Sweeney, from Days of Our Lives and The Biggest Loser. She talked about running in the LA marathon, making the cover of Shape, and shared her Outdoor Workout.

She and her husband have been married for 12 years and they have two children. “Fitness is so important to me, not just because of my job but because I think it’s important to be a healthy family together,” Alison Sweeney said.


Alison Sweeney Outdoor Workout: The Doctors

Alison Sweeney talked about her post-baby body and shared outdoor workout advice with The Doctors. (Helga Esteb /

Alison’s advice was to take a more positive approach to working out. She suggested focusing on the health benefits of ongoing exercise instead of the short term weight loss goals.

The Drs: Alison Sweeney LA Marathon

Alison joined The Doctors in the studio to talk about her beautiful body, which was recently profiled on the cover of Shape. She credited her physique to mixing up her workouts and setting challenges.


She said she recently ran the LA Marathon. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” she said. Alison added that she used to be an avid runner, but was sidelined for a while due to knee problems. She worked with a trainer for months to prepare for the big event.

The Doctors: Cross Training Vs Muscular Imbalance

Dr Travis Stork praised Alison for focusing on cross training in preparation for the marathon. He discussed a few of the disadvantages that can result from focusing too much on one area. “You can create muscular imbalance. You can put yourself at risk for injury,” he said. “By doing the other strength training, you balance things out.”

The Drs: Abs & Strength Training

If you think endless crunches are your ticket to six-pack abs, you’re going to be disappointed. Dr Travis and Alison agreed that spot training doesn’t work in developing this area. It’s all about anatomy, because there’s a subcutaneous fat layer underneath your skin.

Regular, intense exercise, such as cardiovascular workouts and strength training, burn away that extra fact and allow the abdominal muscles to peek out.

The Doctors: Post-Baby Body

Dr Andrew Ordon reported that one study found 87% of moms complained they couldn’t get their pre-baby bodies back. Alison said she’s a proud mom, and she doesn’t expect to reclaim her old body.

“I stopped looking at the past…, and I am looking forward to how I can look now,” she said. She did say that fitness changes after a pregnancy, which takes an extreme physical toll on the body. “I had to learn how to sit up straight again,” Alison said of her maternity changes.

Dr Travis Stork put it best. “The goal should be overall fitness. That’s what leads to good health,” he said.

The Drs: Alison Sweeney Outdoor Workout

You don’t need an expensive gym membership to get your workout. Alison Sweeney hit the streets with some fitness tips.

  • Make push-ups more difficult by putting your feet on a low rail or bench.
  • Holding a plank pose against a tree for at least 15 seconds can strengthen and tone the abs.
  • Jump-ups engage the core and get your legs and butt working. Just jump up and down off a rock or bench.

Alison recommended two to three circuits of 15 reps on these exercises, followed by a walk or run to get in some cardio. Dr Travis said that some studies find outdoor workouts give you more energy. Just remember to wear sunscreen to protect yourself.

The Doctors: Peaches, Crab Meat & Gazpacho

Looking for some summer snacks? Dr Travis shared the health benefits of fruits and proteins.

  • Peaches have under 40 calories, with nutrients such as Potassium, Fiber, Iron, and Vitamins A & C. Fiber is filling and great for digestion.
  • Eating an Apple before a meal may cause you to eat 15% fewer calories. Apples are full of antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Fiber. But you have to eat the skin for full benefits.
  • Oranges contain Flavones, which were proven to lower body fat in a 14-year study.
  • Gazpacho is a cold vegetable soup with low calories and high nutrients. Having a soup appetizer can lower total meal calorie consumption by 20%.
  • Crab meat is a wonderful lean protein, but you have to avoid ordering it fried or in Crab cakes.


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