The Doctors: Location of the Pancreas & New Dad Diaper Duel


The Doctors: Where is the Pancreas Located?

On The Doctors, audience members got their games on while learning important health facts for a happier, healthier life. Could you identify all of your organs, and do you know what they do? That was the question Dr Jim Sears asked when he hit the streets with a mysterious organ from the human body. It’s six inches long, has a tail, and helps digest your food…so what is it?

The small organ stumped pretty much everyone Dr Sears asked. Back in studio with Dr Travis, he finally revealed that it was the pancreas. The pancreas may be small, but it is important to your body, and it’s located behind your stomach.


The Doctors: New Dad Diaper Duel

The Doctors: New Dad Diaper Duel

Expectant dads participated in the New Dad Diaper Duel on The Doctors.

Next up Dr Travis met with two expectant dads, Nick and Todd, who both admitted to having zero experience in a very important aspect of parenting: diaper changing. Unless mom wanted to do all of the work by herself, it was time to learn, so the guys headed to the Doctors stage for the New Dad Diaper Duel.

With thirty seconds on the clock, Nick and Todd were asked to change a diaper (on a fake baby doll, of course), and whoever made the fewest mistakes in the quickest time would be declared winner. Clad in protective gear, Nick and Todd got right to work; however, the results were not so good. I’m not sure what those guys were trying to, but they sure didn’t change a diaper!


Dr Sears: Diaper Changing Mistakes

Pediatrician Dr Jim Sears pointed out some of the biggest mistakes that Nick and Todd had made. Firstly, they wiped the dolls back-to-front instead of front-to-back. It’s especially important in girls to always wipe front-to-back. Doing it the opposite way can cause bladder infections and irritation.

Also, baby powder is a big no-no. Instead, pediatricians recommend using petroleum jelly or diaper jelly on an irritated bum.

Since no one really won, the duel was declared a tie, and the guys were both given a year supply of Pampers diapers; let’s just hope they practice before their babies arrive!


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