Live With Kelly: Josh Groban Final Day as Co-Host


Kelly Ripa: Pregnant Snooki

On “Live With Kelly” July 18, Singer Josh Groban joined Kelly Ripa to close out his three-day co-hosting streak. Kelly first brought up the topic of Snooki, who had appeared on the show the day before with her best friend and fellow “Jersey Shore” alum, JWoww. Kelly said that Snooki had looked great, and that pregnancy really agrees with her. She explained that pregnancy can do one of two things: make you look beautiful and “glowing,” or make you look very strange. When Kelly was pregnant with Michael, people would come up to her and say, “you’re having a girl– she’s sucking all the beauty out of you.” Because of this, she spent the remainder of her pregnancy with a bag over her head (or so she said).

Live With Kelly: Queen of Versailles Florida Mansion

Josh Groban Queen of Versailles Mansion: Live With Kelly

Singer Josh Groban co-hosted for the last day this week on "Live With Kelly" July 18. (s_bukley /


Kelly said that even when they are not buying, she and Mark like to look at new real estate. They enjoy driving around to check out nice houses. A woman in Beaverton, Ohio, made headlines when she put her house up for sale, and posted a sign that read: “for sale because husband left us for a 22-year-old. Adulterers need not apply.”

In other real estate news, the family that were the subject of the recent documentary The Queen of Versailles are now selling their 90,000 square foot house. The Florida home has ten kitchens, thirty bedrooms, and twenty-three bathrooms. The couple’s eight children have their own separate wing. Interested? It can be yours for a mere $65 million!

Kelly wondered, how much would it cost if all 230 people in the studio wanted to pitch in and buy it? Surely, 230 people can live together in a house that big. Gelman did the math, and came to the conclusion that everyone would have to put up $250,000. Not bad!


Kelly Ripa: La Cremeria Review on Mulberry Street

Josh asked Kelly how she is surviving the intense heat in New York, and she said that she found a great new place for gelato last night. She and Mark took a walk into Little Italy and came across La Cremeria on Mulberry Street. Kelly said that it is the most authentic gelato she’s had outside of Italy. Most places that claim to have authentic gelato really just taste like ice cream, but La Cremeria is the real deal! Mark and the man who worked there had a lengthy conversation in Italian that Kelly didn’t understand. Che buonissimo!

Surf’s Up Summer Trivia

The Surf’s Up Trivia question of the day was: for what 2011 film did Gary Oldman receive a Best Actor Oscar nomination?When a caller answeredTinker Tailor Soldier Spy, she won a trip to St. Pete Beach, Florida. Also, an audience member won a prize package from Lenox China.

Co-Host Finalist Eliminated

The Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search competition continued with another elimination. This time, it was Markette Smith who got cut, leaving Michael Buckley, Mikey Kay, and Will Tant to duke it out for the big co-hosting prize. Markette, who aspires to work in daytime television, was disappointed to go home, but thankful for a great learning experience.


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