Live With Kelly: Co-Host Finalists & Kelly’s Inbox


Live With Kelly: Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search

“Live’s” Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search has looked high and low for the perfect guest co-host, who will join Kelly for one day on Tuesday, July 24. After thousands of applicants and countless challenges, the competition is down to just two Co-Host Finalists: Michael Buckley from Meridan, CT, and Will Tant from New York, NY.

All week long, Michael and Will have participated in challenges that have advanced them to this stage. Now, with just two Co-Host Finalists remaining, Michael and Will appeared on “Live With Kelly” July 19 to take on the “Green Screen” Challenge.


Co-Host Finalists: Green Screen Challenge

Co-Host Green Screen Challenge: Live With Kelly

Co-Host Finalists participated in the Green Screen Challenge with Kelly on "Live with Kelly" July 19.

Kelly and Jerry donned some space helmets and described the Co-Host Finalists’ latest challenge: the Green Screen Challenge. With a green screen behind them (Kelly and Jerry were currently on the moon), Michael and Will would be asked to act out in three, thirty-second skits alongside Kelly, with Jerry acting as director. The scenarios were all the same: one underwater, one at a New Year’s party, and one in a blizzard. Let’s take a look at how they did:

Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley did a nice job of showing off his vibrant personality, as per usual. He and Kelly danced at the New Year’s party and underwater, he and Kelly went “swimming.” Kelly adopted the character of “a hooker with a heart of gold” for her skits. It looked like they had a lot of fun


Will Tant

Will Tant’s “acting” was pretty much the same as Michael’s. He and Kelly went swimming, danced on New Year’s, and also warmed each other during the blizzard. Kelly was still into her hooker character, so Will added, “I’m with a hooker on New Year’s, this is the best ever!”

Clearly, both Co-Host Finalists have a lot of personality, and both would do an amazing job; however, there can only be one winner. Vote for your favorite on the “Live With Kelly” site!

Live With Kelly: Kelly’s Inbox

Kelly and Jerry read a few viewer emails from Kelly’s inbox. A flight attendant wrote in to explain that planes very often get hit by lightning– it’s scary, but it happens all the time! The majority of comments came from Jerry’s “mankini,” which the female viewers quite enjoyed!


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