Dr Oz Jeopardy: Almonds, Olives, Dark Chocolate & Flat Tummy Foods


Dr Oz: Flat Belly Foods Jeopardy

Are you wanting to get a flatter stomach without spending every free moment at the gym? Dr Oz invited three audience members to play a special version of Jeopardy featuring questions about the best Flat Tummy Foods. Heather hoped to lose her muffin top. Lucy was tired of stretching out her T-shirts, and Sherri knew all the tricks to hide her belly. See how much you know about snacks and ingredients that can help you get a flatter stomach.

Dr Oz Flat Tummy Foods: Almonds

Dr Oz Jeopardy: Flat Tummy Foods & Dark Chocolate

Dr Oz Jeopardy included questions about flat tummy foods, like Almonds and Dark Chocolate.


Jeopardy: Snack Attack

This diamond shaped nut is often used in nut paste.

What is an almond?

Heather got this question right. Almonds are rich in fiber and keep you full between meals.


Dr Oz Flat Tummy Foods: Olives

Jeopardy: Can You Do The Can Can?

This was a Daily Double question for Heather.

This canned food can be the pits, but in the Mediterranean, they love cooking with it.

What are Olives?

Heather got this one right as well, racking up a huge score. Olives are full of Monounsaturated Fats, which are a healthy option.

Dr Oz Flat Tummy Foods: Yogurt

Jeopardy: Breakfast Belly Blasters

This breakfast food contains good bacteria that helps with stomach bloat.

What is Yogurt?

Lucy was first on the buzzer and got this one right. Yogurt regulates bacteria and keeps you from feeling bloated.

Dr Oz Flat Tummy Foods: Dark Chocolate

Jeopardy: Candy Is Dandy

To flatten your belly, opt for this relative of milk chocolate.

What is Dark Chocolate? Dark Chocolate is good for the metabolism and lower in sugar than milk chocolate.

Dr Oz: Sunflower Oil Weight Loss

Final Jeopardy: Flower Power

Oil from this flower will help flatten your belly and unclog your arteries.

Sherry wagered $100 and guessed What is a Daisy? This was wrong, and her score dropped to 0.

Heather bet her entire $500, guessing What is a Sunflower? That left her in the lead with $1000.

Lucy’s wager was $300, and she also guessed What is a Sunflower? Her score was a close second, with $900.

Heather won the game, but we all learned something about Flat Belly Foods.


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