Steve Wilkos: Mother vs Daughter – Is New Boyfriend Abusing Children?


Steve Wilkos: Child Abuse & Endangerment

Steve Wilkos: Mother vs Daughter - Is New Boyfriend Abusing Children?

On April 24 2013, Steve Wilkos fights for the rights of innocent babies who have been abused.

On April 24 2013, a woman is being accused by her mother that she isn’t a fit mom. She has a new boyfriend and her mother accuses the boyfriend and the young mother of hurting the little baby.


New Boyfriend Abuses Baby

Steve Wilkos is a man that fights for families and children in danger. This episode is a prime example of just how far he will go to protect the innocent.

A young mother is accused by her own mom of being an abusive parent. She has a history of bringing in bad men that hurt her child. On April 24, we find out if the man really has been abusing this baby.

Mother vs Daughter: Who Is Abusing the Baby?

Also on this episode, another young mother is accused by her mom of hurting her children. The grandmother wants to take her daughter’s children away from her, but the daughter won’t go without a fight. The grandmother insists that she saw her own daughter throw her baby on the bed and smash his head on the headboard. This throws the young mother into a rage.



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