GMA: Man Sells $23,000 Ring at Yard Sale & Toddler Long Hair Trend


Man Sells $23,000 Wedding Ring At Garage Sale for $5

GMA: Man Sells $23,000 Ring at Yard Sale & Toddler Long Hair Trend

A man accidentally sold his wife’s $23,000 wedding ring for $5 at a yard sale. Luckily, the rock of a ring was returned a few days later.

This man will never live down his expensive mistake. When Raquel was about to give birth, she took off her $23,000 wedding ring and stashed it in an empty watch box in another box inside her closet. Thinking it was away for safekeeping, Raquel didn’t tell her husband, Eric, because it’s her ring. Her husband thought that he should have been informed about where the ring was kept.


While Raquel was in hospital, just having given birth to their fifth child, Eric popped home to participate in the annual neighborhood yard sale. He sold the jewelry box to a woman for $5, not knowing that the ring was in there! Arriving home later, Raquel asked her husband where the box was.

After a desperate plea to the media, Raquel thought all hope was lost. They got a call a few days later from the new owners of the jewelry box. The buyer gave the box to her daughter and son-in-law. They found the ring almost immediately and did everything they could to return the coveted rock of a ring.

Raquel said that she won’t be taking the ring off anytime soon.


How Long is Too Long for a Little Boy’s Hair?

Rachel Zoe is a trendsetter, but now she’s got her son in on the fashion. Zoe’s infant sports long, curly locks and other little boys are getting into this trend. Good Morning America asked parents and little boys what they thought about the long hair trend. While Zoe recieved a lot of “bad mom” comments on her Instagram, parents, kids and parenting experts think that experimenting with hair and fashion is totally acceptable.

One little boy, Griffin, said he never wants to cut his shoulder length blond hair because “it’s cool.” Griffin is five and looks like a 70s British rocker with his platinum blond cut. Other little boys surveyed said they think their hair makes them unique and it’s a way to express themselves.

Parents and parenting experts think there is nothing wrong with letting a little kid experiment with fashion.It’s no different from letting them pick their style or wearing a bow tie or tutu.

So for now, Griffin’s hair will stay lush, bouncy and long. Hair that many women would kill for. And you know what? He really does look cool.


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