GMA: Jonathan Adler Small Space DIY & Formica Table Top Makeover


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GMA: Johnathan Adler Small Space DIY & Formica Table Top Makeover

Jonathan Adler teamed up with Lowe’s and Lara Spencer to makeover Lara’s teeny tiny dressing room. He has small space DIY projects perfect for dorm rooms.


Lowe’s Improve This: Lara Spencer’s Dressing Room

In the last two years, Lara Spencer has done countless DIY projects and made over many homes. The one place she hasn’t touched: her Good Morning America dressing room. With the help of a few thrift shop finds, he designer friend Jonathan Adler and a lot of color, Lara is about to get a shocking surprise.

Lara replaced her old cabinets with some thrift shop drawers that she sanded, primed and painted. What was once a gross brown box turned into a simple, off-white staple.

“Small spaces should be like jewelry boxes,” Adler said. “Luxurious and full of color.”


DIY Projects for Small Spaces & Formica Tabletop Makeover

The walls got a makeover as well. Jonathan Adler and Lara Spencer chose bright greens and blues to give the space a fun feel. The wallpaper was a pattern of green stripes with off-white background. To jazz up her boring Formica table top, Lara and Jonathan wrapped it in bright blue contact paper. The fronts of her drawers got a redo with corner brackets that gave it a funky, hardware look.

Spencer loves her functional stools, but they were not attractive. She took off the seat and wrapped it in bright fabric. Lara said that this step is as easy as wrapping a present. She spray painted the legs and they became a funky blue and black piece. She used fabric to update her daybed and window area as well. Curtains created a cozy space and pillows made it look inviting.

“Just make your room personal and it will make you happy,” Jonathan Adler advised. These were easy tricks that really anyone could manage.

“This was such a dump and now it’s fabulous!” Lara Spencer said.


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