Trisha Show: This Man Is Not Your Father & Facebook Paternity Message


Trisha Goddard May 3 2013

What if your whole life turned out to be a lie? That’s the question facing one woman who wants to know the truth about her father’s identity. Could it be that the man she thought was her father did not even know the truth? What if you learned about your real father from a Facebook paternity message? Trisha Goddard is getting answers in an episode called “This Man Is Not Your Father.”

Trisha Show: This Man Is Not Your Father

Trisha Show: This Man Is Not Your Father & Facebook Paternity Message

On the Trisha Show May 3, Erika wants to know the truth about her dad. Could a Facebook paternity message from a stranger help her unlock the answers? (PiXXart /


Erika does not believe her mother’s stories about who her father really is. But can she handle the truth if it turns out to be something much different than she expected? Erika thought she was a child born out of a violent assault, will that make her feel better or worse to know the truth?

Whatever the case, she will be getting answers on the Trisha Show’s May 3 episode.

Trisha Goddard: Facebook Paternity Message

As always, there are a few twists in the tale. Erika said that random strangers reached out to her on Facebook talking about the true identity of her father. Could there be something to this claim? She thinks it doesn’t make sense for an attacker to want to track down a child he left behind, and that makes sense.


Will her mother own up to the truth? What is really going on with this family? Tune in to Trisha on May 3 to get some answers.

Trisha Show: You Are The Father!

Teenager Nikki has found herself in the position of being a single mom. She said that she knows who the father is, but he refuses to own up to his responsibility. Can a paternity test help him finally face facts, or will Nikki be proved wrong?

Trisha Goddard is handing out test results like Christmas presents on the May 3 show, and you know there are going to be some emotional reactions. See for yourself when you tune in.


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