Trisha Goddard: Woman Records Phone Conversations & Has Divorce Papers


Trisha Goddard: Deon Being Accused of Cheating by a Cheater

Deon and Frankie have been married for over 14 years but their marriage is far from perfect. Deon says Frankie has been accusing her of cheating but she says she has always been faithful to her husband. She thinks the only reason he is accusing her of cheating is to cover up his own deceitful ways.

Frankie on the other hand, thinks basically the same thing. Although his wife has not been accusing him of any wrongdoing, he thinks she has been cheating on him for some time now and he wants answers.


Trisha Goddard: Woman Records Phone Conversations & Has Divorce Papers

Trisha Goddard June 12 2013 talks with a woman who records her baby daddy’s phone conversations and another couple has divorce papers ready on the show.

Trisha Goddard gave the couple both lie detector tests and I have a feeling these results could end in divorce. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them brought the divorce papers.

Do you think this marriage is ending in divorce?


Tessie Records Donnell’s Phone Conversations

Tessie is convinced her baby daddy, Donnell, is cheating on her. She is so convinced that she actually started recording his phone conversations but for some reason she is on Trisha Goddard because she wants Donnell to take a lie detector test.

First off, why would she need a lie detector test? If you are recording this man’s phone conversations, shouldn’t you have enough evidence of him cheating? And if you don’t have enough evidence, wouldn’t it be right to think he wasn’t cheating?

High School Sweethearts Torn Apart

Is Brandi still cheating on David? David was able to get past her infidelities once, but can he do it again?

“I gave her all my trust and she ends up messing around with this guy,” said David who drops his wedding ring on the ground and tells Brandi it is over before he even hears the results of the lie detector test.

It looks like this marriage might be ending in divorce as well.


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