Trisha Goddard: Wild Teens Confronted—Save Our Daughter


Trisha Goddard May 16 2013

How far can parents go to get the help they need for their teen? We may find out on Trisha Goddard’s May 16 2013 show. “Save our daughter!” The parents are begging Trisha for help. Can these teens be saved? Everyone is in for a rude awakening on the next episode of the Trisha Show: “Wild Teens Confronted.”

Trisha Show: Save Our Daughter

Trisha Goddard: Wild Teens Confronted—Save Our Daughter

On Trisha Goddard’s May 16 show, Wild Teens Confronted will lash out at the host. Their parents have brought them on TV for a bad behavior intervention.


Brenda and Mike are two parents who have reached the end of their rope. They are bringing their teenage daughter, Kaitlyn, on Trisha’s show for an intervention because they do not know what else to do.

On the May 16 Trisha Show, the audience will learn about Kaitlyn’s wild behavior and why her parents are afraid that she is going to end up following in the footsteps of her sister, who is now in prison.

Can this out of control teen be tamed? She loves drinking, sleeping around, and throwing fits of rage. What can be done to contain her wild ways?


Trisha Goddard: Wild Teens Confronted

Teresa said she is afraid that her 14-year-old daughter will die from her outrageous behavior. When Teresa got sick, she said she stopped being a strict parent, and that opened the door to all the crazy things Brionna has gotten involved with.

She says she is addicted to love and has been with more than 50 men. That sounds excessive, and it suggests that she has other problems that she is trying to avoid by choosing to self-medicate with pleasure.

But when a teen is already on such a self-destructive path, how do you help them correct the course before things are too far gone? That will be the task for Trisha, who is not threated by Brionna’s tough talk.

Tune in May 16 to see how everything plays out on the show.


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