Trisha Goddard: Who Stole My Jewelry? Secrets Need To Be Exposed


Trisha Goddard May 20 2013

Every family has its secrets, and in many cases they are so well-kept that friends and family do not know about them. On The Trisha Goddard Show for May 20 2013, that is not the case, because these loved ones need a polygraph to help them sort out the truth. Is Tiffane hooking? Is William stealing from his mother-in-law? All she wants to know is, “Who stole my jewelry?” Here’s what’s coming up.

Trisha Show: Secrets Need To Be Exposed

Trisha Goddard: Who Stole My Jewelry? Secrets Need To Be Exposed

Trisha is exposing family secrets on May 20. Who stole my jewelry? A mother-in-law thinks it was the family’s new addition, but he has another suspect.


These family members are tired of wondering and worrying. They want the truth to come out, and they are pretty impatient about it. Elliott has spent eight years with Tiffane, and they have a child together.

He knows that in the past she has worked as a paid escort, but she promised to give up that line of work and remain faithful to him. Recent events have led him to believe that she went back on her vow, and now he wants to know the answer.

Will he get to hear what he wants, or will he be devastated when Trisha opens up the envelope containing the results? It’s going to be a wild ride for him.


Trisha Goddard: Who Stole My Jewelry?

Jan is upset about something she needs to get off her chest. Someone stole precious heirloom jewelry that has been in the family for years. She suspects that her soon-to-be son-in-law is the culprit. But William insists that he had nothing to do with the theft.

On May 20, William will accuse Jan’s own sister, Carolyn, of taking the family jewels. In the meantime, Jan’s own daughter is furious with her for accusing the man in her life.

This family drama is going to get results when all the players are put to the test using a polygraph. Who is really telling the truth? Wouldn’t it be crazy if the jewelry was never stolen and Jan was behind the entire thing?


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