Trisha Goddard: White With Blonde Hair…He Can’t Be My Baby!


Trisha Goddard May 10 2013

Trisha Goddard is finishing out the week with two spectacular family stories. First, Precious thinks her husband is cheating…with her brother’s fiancee! Then, Rosemary admits that her child does not look anything like her husband. Can Trisha help them sort the truth on May 10? This episode is called “Your Son Is White With Blonde Hair…He Can’t Be My Baby!”

Trisha Goddard: In-Laws Cheating

Trisha Goddard: White With Blonde Hair...He Can’t Be My Baby!

Your Son Is White With Blonde Hair…He Can’t Be My Baby! That’s what one man is telling his wife on Trisha Goddard’s May 10 episode. See the results.


Precious is on Trisha’s show with a warning for her brother, Bo. She does not think he should marry his fiancee, India. That’s because Precious believes that India is just using him, and sleeping around behind his back.

How did she come to this conclusion? Precious thinks that India is sleeping with her own husband, Andre! What a tangled family web this story is going to be. Find out what’s really going on when Trisha holds the test results on her May 10 show.

“That’s a lie!” someone exclaims. Sure it is. I would need to do breath exercises to be able to yell as much as some of these guests.


Trisha Show: He Can’t Be My Baby!

Gene thinks that something is fishy, because his wife’s son Marcus does not look anything like him. Rosemary claims she wondered whether the child was switched at birth in the hospital.

What are the odds of that actually happening? It seems like they are pretty low, but I guess anything is possible. However, I don’t think that “switched at birth” is one of the options for DNA results, so that probably won’t be Trisha’s trump card when she reveals the truth on her May 10 episode.

But Rosemary might be the one who is in for a huge surprise when her husband takes a lie detector test. You won’t believe what happens when Trisha shares the news. Tune in May 10 to see the reactions.


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