Trisha Goddard: Veronica Cheats But Gets Caught Because of a Photo


Trisha Goddard: Joshua Won’t Take Responsibility for His Kids

Trisha Goddard: Veronica Cheats But Gets Caught Because of a Photo

Trisha Goddard May 22 2013 meets Veronica who got caught cheating because of a photo and Joshua who won’t take responsibility of his children.

Nicole is on Trisha Goddard today because she wants to prove once and for all that her two children were fathered by her ex-boyfriend Joshua. While Nicole is certain the children are Joshua’s, Joshua thinks they are another man’s children. He says his son is too light skinned to be his children and he believes his daughter just simply isn’t his. He didn’t really have a good explanation for her.


Nicole said if her ex does come over to see his children, he always asks her to make him dinner before he gets there because he never wants to be there unless he is getting dinner.

Matthew, Nicole’s new boyfriend, is also coming with her on Trisha Goddard to support his new girlfriend and to let Trisha Goddard know if Joshua is not the father he is willing to take custody of the children.

Will Joshua turn out to be the father? Will he step up to the responsibility of taking care of his children if they are found to be his? And what is Matthew going to do if Joshua is the father?


This is one sticky situation and the kids are the only ones caught in the middle.

Veronica vs William – Both People in the Relationship Cheating

Veronica fell in love with William when she was 16 years old, but their three year relationship has been riddles with fighting, accusations of cheating, actually cheating, bickering and even more fighting.

While that does not seem like the ideal relationship, neither of two seemed to mind the fighting and infidelity until William claims to have seen a picture of his girlfriend in a compromising pose with another man.

William has already been caught cheating a few times, nine to be exact, and Veronica is the one with photos of her possibly cheating. I wonder what the lie detector tests will say for both of them? Are they both cheaters and will they be able to move past this photo of infidelity?


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