Trisha Goddard: Vanity Wonder Illegal Black Market Butt Injections


Trisha Goddard: Deadly Black Market Enhancements

Some people will do anything to get bigger muscles, bigger breasts and a bigger butt even when they don’t have the money to get the surgery from a professional. On Trisha Goddard’s May 21 2013 episode, Goddard talked with a few people who almost died from their black market surgeries.

Vanity Wonder Illegal Butt Injections

Vanity Wonder simply wanted a larger behind and some bigger hips to help her compete as an exotic dancer. Wonder didn’t have the money for the procedure so she turned to the plastic surgery black market. She found a “doctor” to perform the procedure and went through with the injections.


Trisha Goddard: Vanity Wonder Illegal Black Market Butt Injections

Trisha Goddard May 21 2013 talked with Vanity Wonder about her illegal black market butt injections and a man who exploded his bicep with steroids.

Every single week Wonder would visit her doctor where she would get nine injections in each cheek. She was told she was being injected with soybean oil but after doing some research, Wodner does not think that was injected into her.

Regardless of what she thought was injected into her, the leakiness from her behind, the severe pain and the oversized butt and hips she is left with now should have been a warning. She talked with Trisha Goddard about how she believes she is one of the lucky ones that lived to talk about illegal black market enhancements.


Bulging Biceps Explode from Black Market Injections

Bodybuilding can be a tough sport to compete in but it was always Greg’s passion. He spent years working towards the body he always wanted but nothing seemed to satisfy his need to get bigger. That is until he found injections on the black market that could give him what he wanted.

Greg began injecting himself with an unknown substance and he was pleased with the results. His arms were getting bigger than he had ever imagined. But like all good things, everything came to an end. Greg actually injected himself so much, his bicep exploded.

Did Woman Sell $100,000 Body?

Trisha Goddard is also talking with a young woman who has spent over $100,00 on cosmetic surgeries. While spending that much money on cosmetic surgery alone would be something to wonder about, Goddard wanted to know where the women got the money for the surgeries.

“Have you ever sold your body for money,” asked Goddard.

While the women did not say yes, she didn’t say no either. She simply said when you have a body like hers, people offer your money.

Tattooed Man Hates All Races

Finally, Goddard talked with a man who has tattoos all over his body, including his face, neck and head. He revealed to Goddard the reason he covered himself in tattoo is because he hates all races.

I guess that means he wanted to start his own race. Right?


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