Trisha Goddard: Teen Mothers Neglect Children to Party, Drink & Smoke


Trisha Goddard: Teen Mother Neglecting Child

Deborah is a 16-year-old teen mother who loves to party hard. She goes out all nights of the week, she smokes weed whenever she feels like, she drinks until she blacks out and she neglects to take care of her child. The child is left to be cared for by Deborah’s aunt, Aunt KK.

While Deborah is the one out partying, Aunt KK said it is not just the teens fault she is neglecting her child. Aunt KK believes the blame also lands on Deborah’s mother who allows the teen mother to go out whenever she wants without any type of reprimand. Deborah walks all over her mother and it needs to stop now.


Trisha Goddard: Teen Mothers Neglect Children to Party, Drink & Smoke

Trisha Goddard June 11 2013 meets teen mothers who neglect their children or make their parents watch them as they party, drink and smoke weed.

Trisha Goddard is bringing the entire family onto her show for an intervention. She wants to help Deborah see the error in her ways, she wants Aunt KK to stop being the primary parent for this child and she wants Deborah’s mother to start acting like a mother herself.

But will she be able to convince everyone she knows best?


Teen Mother Leaves Adopted Parents to Care for Child

Trisha Goddard also brings on another teen mother who believes it is her right to go out and party any time she wants. She believes there is nothing wrong with smoking weed whenever she wants and she also believes her adopted parents should be the ones taking care of her 3-month-old son.

When Trisha Goddard asked the woman if she was in the wrong, she said she wasn’t because she is a teenager. And after telling Goddard she has tried meth and cocaine, she reveals to everyone she might be pregnant again.

Obviously, this young mother’s parents want the disrespect to stop but they have not been able to put an end to the partying.

Trisha Goddard is stepping in for an intervention with teen mother but it seems like she might be set in her partying ways.

Can Trisha Goddard knock her off the party wagon and into her role as a mother?  There is more to these stories than anyone could have imagined.


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