Trisha Goddard: Renee’s Deadly Butt Implants & Justin Human Ken Doll


Trisha Goddard: Plastic Surgery Is Killing Me

On April 23 2013, Trisha Goddard is hosting some unusual cases of plastic surgery. These women went through nasty plastic surgery nightmares. First, Renee’s butt implant surgery went terribly wrong. She dreamt of having the perfect body, not a freak sideshow at a circus. Then, Lacy is addicted to altering her body. She wants to increase her already dangerously large breasts. Plus, Justin is trying to make his body the ultimate tool of perfection. In reality, he might just be a tool. And you might want to turn away from the last disgusting plastic surgery nightmare Trisha has in store.

Trisha Goddard: Renee's Deadly Butt Implants & Justin Human Ken Doll

On April 23 2013, Trisha talks to women that are dying for their plastic surgery. Can they talk each other out of going under the knife?


Renee’s Butt Implants Almost Killed Her

When you get an implant the ideal scenario is it staying in place. Renee’s butt implants decided to flip around in her body, causing her pain and almost killing her. It inspired a viral YouTube video that documented her freakshow moment.

Lacy Wants Triple L Breasts

We’ve seen Pamela Anderson’s large breasts, but this woman puts everyone to shame. Lacy has triple L sized breasts. She plans to increase her bust and her buttocks. Renee tries to convince Lacy on April 23 that she needs to steer clear of the knife.

Justin the Living Doll

Also on April 23, Justin has had over 100 surgeries to perfect his body. if perfection is plastic, then Justin has reached his goal. His face barely moves and his abs look like they were carved from marble. This isn’t an Edward Cullen level of perfection, but more like Joan Rivers got beaten with a botox needle.



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