Trisha Goddard: Psychic Predictions & Ghosts Haunting a Baby’s Nursery


Trisha Goddard: Shocking Psychic Readings

On March 14 2013, Trisha Goddard is bringing in a psychic reader to investigate some mysterious happenings. A woman believes that a ghost is trying to harm her infant son. The psychics give their predictions for the studio audience. Do you believe in ghosts and mind readers? Tune in to the next Trisha Goddard. 

Trisha Goddard: Psychic Predictions & Ghosts Haunting a Baby's Nursery

On March 14 2013, Trisha Goddard has a psychic giving her guests a glimpse into the future.


Trisha Goddard: Negative Energy & Ghosts

A renowned psychic helps a woman that believes her house is haunted. She says that things have been crashing, smashing and trying to attack her baby boy. The psychic looks at all of the evidence and listens to her story. The psychic says there is a lot of negative energy in her home.

She takes a psychic tour of her home and finds the negative energy and spirits are haunting her baby boy’s bedroom. Sounds like it’s time to start house hunting.

Trisha Goddard: Contact From the Other Side

Another woman believes her father is trying to get through to her from the other side. The psychic tells her that he was not ready to die.


Trisha Goddard: Psychic Predictions

The same woman that has a ghost haunting her son’s nursery is trying to have another baby. She tells the psychic that she’s trying to get pregnant. The psychic tells her to get ready, because a new baby is coming.

What else will this woman reveal to Trisha’s guests? And do they sincerely believe in the predictions? Tune in to The Trisha Goddard Show and find out! 


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