Trisha Goddard: Out of Control Teens Selling Drugs Spend Night in Jail


Trisha Goddard: 14-Year-Old Proud of Selling Drugs

Shara has an out of control teen on her hands and she needs the help of Trisha Goddard to get her under control. Shara tells Trisha Goddard her daughter Jenna is wild, disrespectful, destructive and it all needs to stop now but Jenna has some plans of her own.

Jenna does not want to stop being the wild teenager she is. She tells Trisha Goddard she is proud of doing drugs and she is even more proud that she built a “business” selling drugs. She even tells her she will sleep with older men just to make some more money.


Trisha Goddard: Out of Control Teens Selling Drugs Spend Night in Jail

Trisha Goddard June 7 2013 talked with two wild teenagers who are selling drugs and sleeping with older men. Will a night in jail turn their acts around?

While Shara is very upset about the dealing of drugs and that she has already lost virginity, she really wants her daughter to stop abusing her older brother Mike.

Is Trisha Goddard going to be able to help Shara? Or is Jenna too far gone to save?


Aalana Abuses Her Sister Cici Because of Jealousy

Tee is terrified of what her daughter could get herself into. Tee tells Trisha Goddard her 15-year-old daughter Aalana is heading down a path to self destruction or at the very least a stint in jail for all the trouble she has been causing. But like the mother above, Tee is mostly worried about her younger daughter.

“She took my daughter and slammed her head and the blood was dripping,” said Tee, who also admitted Aalana has punched her as well.

Aalana tells Trisha Goddard she beats up her sister Cici because she believes her mother favors Cici more. Aalana is jealous of the affection her sister receives and it turns her violent within minutes.

Is Trisha Goddard going to be able to save Aalana from herself? Or is her temper and disrespectful behaviour going to haunt her forever?

To help both these straighten out their lives, Trisha Goddard sends them to jail for a night to find out where their lives are heading at this moment if they don’t turn their act around.


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