Trisha Goddard: My Daughter Is A Liar & This Is Not Your Baby


Trisha Goddard May 9 2013

You want the best for your children, but sometimes they have to make their own mistakes. At some point, parents are compelled to step in and correct some of those bad decisions, even once their children have grown up. On Trisha Goddard’s May 9 episode, find out why one mother says, “My Daughter Is A Liar.” What would you do if a mom told you, “That’s not your baby”?

Trisha Goddard: My Daughter Is A Liar

Trisha Goddard: My Daughter Is A Liar & This Is Not Your Baby

Trisha Goddard’s May 9 episode features meddling mothers who say “my daughter is a liar” and “this is not your baby.” Will DNA tests back up their claims?


Robert was in a horrible car accident that left him bedridden in the hospital. According to his girlfriend, Tawanna, he conceived a child with her while he was in his hospital bed. That is just the first questionable tale in this episode of Trisha.

Tawanna’s mother, Dorothy, does not believe this for a second. (For real. Doesn’t anyone know how complicated hospital beds are? That seems ludicrous and impractical, especially if he had severe injuries from his car accident.)

Dorothy is hopping mad, and she wants her daughter to admit the truth so that Robert can stay out of their lives forever. What secrets will the DNA test results hold for this family?


Trisha Goddard: This Is Not Your Baby

There are certain things you can usually tell just by looking at a person, such as height or hair color. But what can you tell by looking at an ultrasound? Most of the time, parents-to-be can’t even make out what gender their baby is without the help of an ultrasound technician.

That’s what makes it so remarkable that Diane, the mother of Jimmy, thinks she can tell from an ultrasound picture that her son is not the father of Ashley’s baby. That sounds ridiculous, but Diane may be basing it on the rumors that Ashley gets around.

Whatever the case, only the paternity test results will reveal the truth. Will these meddling mothers get their way when Trisha is handed the results? Tune in May 9 to find out on the show.


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