Trisha Goddard: Mother’s Ex-Boyfriend Gets Her Daughter Pregnant


Trisha Goddard: Mother’s Ex Gets Daughter Pregnant

Trisha Goddard has a pretty crazy episode on May 28 2013. She is talking with one daughter who claims her mother’s boyfriend got her pregnant and she has the evidence to prove it.

Trisha Goddard: Daughter Claims Mother's Ex-Boyfriend Got Her Pregnant

Trisha Goddard May 28 2013 meets a woman who says she has the evidence to prove her mother’s ex-boyfriend slept with her and got her pregnant.


This leaves a lot to be questioned though. First, was she willing to sleep with this man or was this forced upon her? Second, did her mother know this was happening? Third, how long had this man raised her? Was he there for her since she was a small child or was this an older man who didn’t know the daughter very well since she was grown and out of the house.

Either way, the ex claims he never slept with the daughter meaning there is no way the child is his.

Trisha Goddard Paternity Test

The baby must have come from somewhere and Trisha Goddard has the paternity test that will reveal who the real father is.


The mother is also going to be on the show and she is obviously not happy with neither her ex or her daughter. First her daughter is having a child and she doesn’t know for certain who the father is although she says she does have “evidence.” Then she has to come face-to-face with her ex, which is never a good feeling, just to find out if he slept with her daughter. I can feel for this mother.

So, do you think this man slept with the mother and the daughter? Do you think the child is his? Only a paternity test is going to tell the true tale and, as everyone on Trisha Goddard should know, it is impossible to hide from the truth.



  1. Jessica S says

    This is Jessica. I’m the oldest daughter, my little sister was claiming he r—- her. He did not raise her and only knew her for a short period. He died in his sleep, that’s why we can’t do a DNA test. She had no evidence because she never went to the police and waited until he and my mother moved out of state to call her and tell her in the hopes that our mother would leave him and come running home. Obviously we didn’t believe her. Lie detector came back saying she DID NOT tell the truth. She was never r—- by him. She claims she was also r—- by two other men, this is all for attention obviously. She slept around with a lot of men, so anyone could be the father of her son. Just recently, her husband walked in on her [sleeping] with another man so not only is she a liar, she is a cheater. Then she threatened to kill our mother on facebook which led to having a warrant issued for her arrest. This was all in the last week. Can you see how crazy my little sister is? Either way, my mom’s ex is dead and to have her accuse him of this crap for so long has torn us apart and it took going on this show to get the truth into the light.

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