Trisha Goddard: Momma’s Boy Needs to Grow Up & Man Records Cheating


Trisha Goddard: Monique Wants Husband to Stop Being a Momma’s Boy

Monique is not happy with her husband but not for the usual reasons you would think when seeing a woman on Trisha Goddard. Monique is not happy because her husband is a momma’s boy and she wants it to stop. She wants her husband to stop turning to his mother every time something happens and instead, start handling the situation like a man.

Trisha Goddard: Momma's Boy Needs to Grow Up & Man Records Cheating

Trisha Goddard June 18 2013 is talking with one woman who wants her husband to stop being a momma’s boy and one man records himself cheating.


When Ricky, Monique’s husband, shows up on stage her has brought his mother. Ricky’s mother has a lot to say to Monique, mostly about her leaving her son alone. She thinks Monique is a bad influence on her son and she is also thinks Monique treats him terribly. She wants better for her son.

“Monique needs to grow up,” said Ricky’s mother.

Monique seems to only want Ricky back to take care of her and her eight children telling Trisha Goddard Ricky walked out on all of them. Ricky has a reason though. He believes Monique is cheating on him and he wants her to take a lie detector test to prove she is not.


Who is Ricky going to pick? Is he heading home with his wife or his mother?

Trisha: Sandy Sees Video Tape of Boyfriend Cheating

Sandy thought everything with her boyfriend Chris was going pretty well. That was until she found a videotape of him making love with another woman.

“Any woman would think ‘This man is cheating on me,'” said Sandy.

Although she has the tape to prove he cheated on her, Chris denies the person in the video is him. He demands to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence.

Will Sandy every trust him again? Is Chris really cheating on her? And how come they can’t just see on the tape that Chris is cheating? It should be pretty easy for Sandy to point out her boyfriend when she sees him.

In the end, the lie detector test results came back saying Chris had cheated but he said it still wasn’t true. He just kept yelling at the man who read off the results saying he was a liar.


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